An Arrow's Flight

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An Arrow's Flight
Mark Merlis - An Arrow's Flight.jpeg
Author Mark Merlis
Country United States
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher St. Martins Press
Publication date
August 1998
Media type Print (Hardback) & Paperback
Pages 376 pp
ISBN 978-0-312-18675-3
OCLC 38150357
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3563.E7422 A89 1998

An Arrow's Flight (ISBN 978-0-312-24288-6) is a novel by Mark Merlis, published in 1998.

Plot summary[edit]

Pyrrhus lives in the city with his housemate Leucon. He works as a waiter, then as a hustler. One day he hears his father Achilles has left him some inheritance in Troy, and he decides to claim it. On the ship, he sleeps with Corythus, a sailor. He soon learns he needs to seduce Philoctetes and get his bow for a prophecy to come true. He grows attached to the old man, though the latter also has an affair with Paris. Finally, Philoctetes breaks the bow. Pyrrhus meets Leucon again in a hospital where Pyrrhus is waiting to see his lover Philoctetes, who is very sick; the latter realizes he no longer has feelings for Pyrrhus. Pyrrhus understands that he has grown and accepted his sexuality and is able to live openly, something Leucon cannot do. (The novel hints that he probably never will.)

Main characters[edit]

Literary signifiance[edit]


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