An Elephant in My Kitchen

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An Elephant in my Kitchen
An Elephant in my Kitchen.jpg
Author Francoise Malby-Anthony with Katja Willemsen
Language English
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Pan Macmillan (London)
Publication date
Pages 324 pp.
ISBN 978-1-5098-6491-1

An Elephant in my Kitchen, published in July 2018 by Pan Macmillan in London, is the first book written by South African author and conservationist Francoise Malby-Anthony-Anthony along with author Katja Willemsen.[1][2][3]

The story is told out of the eyes of Francoise Malby-Anthony who continued to manage Thula Thula Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal South Africa after Lawrence Anthony's death in 2012, and is considered the sequel of the The Elephant Whisperer published by Lawrence Anthony in 2009.[4][5]

The book has been the number one bestseller in South Africa for a number of weeks in 2018, and has been launched in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India. The book is launched in Canada and the United States in November 2018.


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