An Empty Flight

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An Empty Flight
Studio album by
Scared of Horses / Paul Dempsey
Scared of Horses / Paul Dempsey chronology
An Empty Flight
Everything Is True

An Empty Flight is Paul Dempsey's first solo album, released in 1998. Dempsey also plays guitar in alternative rock band Something for Kate. While released under the pseudonym Scared of Horses, Paul Dempsey does not deny credit for this album. There are many special guests that appear on this album, playing various instruments and providing lead vocals on some tracks. Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss) sings on "Fishes", Glenn Richards (Augie March) sings on "December (Ill at Ease)".

It was announced via newsletter in August 2010 that the album would be re-released on iTunes from September 3 2010, thereby allowing people to download the album which for a long time has been extremely difficult to find (Something for Kate are said to only have one copy between the three of them).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro" 0:28
  2. "December (Ill at Ease)" (lyrics and vocals by Glenn Richards) 6:46
  3. "In German" (lyrics and vocals by Heinz Riegler) 4:37
  4. "Fishes" (lyrics and vocals by Jamie Hutchings) 2:19
  5. "Almost Too Perfect" (lyrics and vocals by Andria Prudente) 6:48
  6. "Monologue" (vocals by Stephanie Ashworth) 3:53
  7. "If It's Chocolate..." 0:44
  8. "R & R" (lyrics and vocals by Richard "Dik" Payne) 5:48
  9. "Districts of Elvis" (lyrics and vocals by Laura McFarlane) 7:25