An Indecent Obsession

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First edition (publ. Harper & Row)

An Indecent Obsession is a 1981 novel by Australian author Colleen McCullough.


To the battle-broken soldiers in her care, nurse Honour Langtry is a precious, adored reminder of the world before the war. Then Michael Wilson arrives under a cloud of mystery and shame to change everything. A damaged and decorated hero, a man of secrets and silent pain, soon he alone possesses Honour's selfless heart—inciting tense and volatile passions that can only lead to jealousy, violence, and death.


An Indecent Obsession
Directed byLex Marinos
Written byDenise Morgan
Based onnovel by Colleen McCullough
StarringWendy Hughes
Gary Sweet
Richard Moir
PBL Productions
Release date
  • 1985 (1985)
BudgetA$2.1 million[1]

The novel was turned into a 1985 film.



It was shot on location at Lord Howe Island.[2]


The film was released on DVD with a new print by Umbrella Entertainment in April 2013. The DVD includes special features such as the theatrical trailer and exclusive interview with Wendy Hughes.[3]


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