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An Jincang (Chinese: 安金藏; Wade–Giles: An Chin-ts'ang) (died 711) was a Tang Dynasty court official responsible for saving the life of Li Dan, the future emperor.

A native of Luoyang, he was employed in the Court of Sacrificial Worship under the Empress Wu Zetian. When charges of treason were brought against the heir apparent Li Dan, he loudly protested that the latter was innocent; and in token of good faith seized a knife and ripped up his own belly so that his bowels hung down to the ground. It was with difficulty that his life was saved; the Empress, however, was convinced of his loyalty, and Li Dan was left in peace. His name was subsequently carved upon Mount Tai and Mount Hua, and he was canonized as Zhong 忠.


This article incorporates text from entry An Chin-ts'ang in A Chinese Biographical Dictionary by Herbert A. Giles (1898), a publication now in the public domain.