Ana-Maria Avram

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Ana-Maria Avram
Ana-Maria Avram in St Merry, Paris
Ana-Maria Avram in St Merry, Paris
Born (1961-09-12) September 12, 1961 (age 55)

Ana-Maria Avram (born September 12, 1961) is a Romanian composer affiliated with the spectral music style. She represents with Iancu Dumitrescu the Hyper-Spectral trend in contemporary avant-garde music, conductor with Dumitrescu of the Hyperion Ensemble.

Her music is spectral, acousmatic, heterophonic and transformational. She has composed around 90 works as of 2009: music for soloists, chamber music, music for orchestra, electronic music and computer-assisted music.

Main works:

  • "Quatre Etudes d'Ombre" for bass flûte (1997)
  • "Axe" for cello (1993)
  • "Métaboles" for bass clarinet (1985)
  • "Quatre Etudes orphiques" for female voice, electronics and ensemble (2006)
  • "Nouvelle Axe" for strings ( 1997)
  • "In Nomine Lucis" for orchestra ( 1992)
  • "Telesma" for clarinet, percussion and computer sounds ( 2002)
  • "Chaosmos" for orchestra (1996)
  • "Lux Animae" for ensemble and computer-assisted sounds ( 2004)
  • "Voices of the Desert" for ensemble and computer-assisted sounds ( 2005)
  • " The Endless Burning Fire" for ensemble and computer sounds (2007)
  • "Un raggio Ardente e di si chiara luce" for strings (2000)

Contribution in musicology:

  • ”Ana Maria Avram and Iancu Dumitrescu” - Musicworks Nr 71, “Being composer” - MusicWorks nr.76 ( 2000);
  • “Ana-Maria Avram: an adventure in experimental music” an interview with Costin Cazaban, Bananafish, Los Angeles no 15 ( 2001)
  • Jean-Noël Von Der Weid: “La Musique du XX Siècle” - Paris, Hachette, 2004

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