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Ana Clara Guerra Marques is an Angolan professional dancer.


In 1970, at eight years of age, she started to learn classical dancing at the Dancing Academy of Luanda, Angola. In 1975, Angola gained independence and all the dancing teachers left the country. Thus, having completed the First Course of Dance Teachers in 1978, and despite her young age, she was designated to take charge of the sole dancing school in the country. Through her own activity as a professional dancer and choreographer, and through meetings, conferences and workshops she directs, she promoted and defended dancing as an artistic language in Angola. In 1990, she completed the dancing high course at the Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa in Portugal and received a special degree in pedagogy. She has a master's degree in Artistic Performance Dance and she is a member of the International Dance Council - CID-UNESCO.

In 1991, she set up the first professional dancing company in Angola, the Contemporary Dance Company of Angola. In 1995, she was given the IDENTITY prize by the UNAC (Union of Artists and Composers). In 2006 received the "Diploma of Honor from the Ministry of Culture" and the "National Prize for Arts" in the Dance category, for her contribution in the fields of education, artistic creation, research and culture of their country.

Pioneering contemporary dance in Angola, she introduced new ways and new concepts in dancing performances, as done in Corpusnágua, Solidão, 1 Morto e os Vivos e 5 Estátuas para Masongi, performed in non-conventional areas.

Choreographic works she created include A propósito de Lueji, Mea Culpa, Imagem & Movimento, Uma Frase qualquer… and Outras (frases). Her creations are based on a personal research on traditional and popular dances from different regions of Angola.

She also introduces Inclusive Dance in Angola by integrating disabled and non-disabled dancers in the Contemporary Dance Company of Angola creations.

Her work is noted for its social criticism as seen in Palmas, Por Favor!, Neste País…, Agora não dá! ‘Tou a Bumbar… and Os Quadros do Verso Vetusto. As an executive of the Angolan Ministry of Education and Culture, she takes part in the conception and elaboration of academic programs.



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