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Ana Cristina César (June 2, 1952 – October 29, 1983) was a poet and translator from Rio de Janeiro. She came from a middle-class Protestant background and was usually known as "Ana C." She had written since childhood and developed a strong interest in English literature. She spent some time in England in 1968 and, on returning to Brazil, she became a published author of note. The 1970s and early 1980s were the peak of her poetic career.

She returned to England in 1983. One of the authors she admired was Sylvia Plath. She shared some commonalities with her in temperament and fate. She died in 1983 by jumping out of a window at her parents´ apartment, in Rio de Janeiro.[1]

Principal works[edit]


  • A Teus Pés
  • Inéditos e Dispersos
  • Novas Seletas (posthumous, put out by Armando Freitas Filho)


  • Crítica e Tradução


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