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Ana Maria Canseco
Born (1967-09-05) September 5, 1967 (age 49)
Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation Television Personality
Years active 1997-present

Rocío Ana Maria Canseco (born September 5, 1967) is a Mexican television personality living in the United States. Canseco was the co-host of the Univision morning talk show, Despierta América.[1] She also served as a guest host on the network's afternoon talk show El Gordo y La Flaca. As of 2010, Canseco appeared on Despierta América for 13 years, until October 21, 2010, when it was announced that she will no longer be a part of the television show.[2] As of September 2013, Canseco is a co-host of the Telemundo morning show Un Nuevo Día.


Rocío Ana María Canseco began her career as a television reporter/anchor in Texas and debuted as an actress in the telenovela, Mundo de Juguete,[3] in an uncredited role.[4]

In 1997, Canseco became one of the original co-hosts of Despierta América in 1997.[5] It is the number-one rated Spanish language morning show and she has starred on it since its debut.[5]

On May 3, 2002, Canseco acted as master of ceremonies for a Cinco de Mayo celebration at the East Room with President George W. Bush, presiding, and First Lady Laura Bush in attendance.[5] This was her first visit to the White House.[5]

In 2002, Canseco and Star Jones were selected by Payless ShoeSource to be spokeswomen for its South America marketing effort.[6]

On December 13, 2005, Canseco and Raúl De Molina announced the nominations for the upcoming 2006 Premio Lo Nuestro awards show.[7] Canseco said that the 2005 program was seen by more than nine million people and one of Univision's highest ranked specials.[7]

On August 7, 2008, Canseco hosted the 4th annual Los Premios de Texas Latin Music Awards at the Joe and Theresa Long Center for Performing Arts in Austin, Texas.[8]

On October 21, 2010, she ceased to work on Despierta America, after 13 years of being a host on the show.

On Monday, September 9, 2013 she joined the cast of Telemundo's morning show Un Nuevo Día in Miami, Florida.[9]


In 2006, Fernando Arau, Raúl González and Canseco were part of a Got Milk? campaign[3] to help prevent obesity amongst Latinos.[10] More than 33 percent suffer from this affliction and Canseco wore a milk mustache to promote a healthier lifestyle by "milking it up" in the morning.[10]

Prior to the 2008 election, Canseco was featured in a public service announcement, called "Ve y Vota en las Primarias" or "Get Out and Vote in the Primaries".[11]

In 2009, Canseco was the Master of Ceremonies for MALDEF's 25th Annual San Antonio Awards Gala which honored "community champions".[12]

Charitable work[edit]

Canseco lived with her grandmother in Mexico City and remembered the best gift her uncle Chacho sent from California each year at Christmas time as a Western Union MoneyGram.[13] As a child, she did not realize that her uncle sent monthly support payments but knew then that Christmas money order meant a getting a gift like a doll for her.[13] With an "economic crisis"[13] in 2008, Canseco was scheduled on two nights in December to help give away two billion dollars to help others keep the same sentiment as the Christmas Day approached.[13] On April 17, 2010, in a similar give-a-way, she documented the impact of wired transfers in Washington, D.C..[14]

On January 23, 2010, Canseco was amongst more than 50 Univision personalities who solicited live donations for the "Unidos Por Haití"(United for Haiti)[15] 2010 Haiti earthquake relief effort.[15] The live show aired during Sábado Gigante.[15]

Red carpet[edit]

Canseco walked the 3rd Annual Premios Juventud red carpet, which is dyed blue, in 2006 along with other celebrities like RBD, Wisin & Yandel and Luny Tunes.[16] She wore a white and bronze Nicole Miller gown.[17]

In 2009, Canseco modeled a Gustavo Cadile dress on People en Español's "Los 50 Más Bellos 2009" in Spanish, or "The 50 Prettiest People in 2009", red carpet.[18] Giselle Blondet, her former Despierta América cast mate, wore vintage Michelle Nazar.[18] On November 5, 2009, Canseco appeared at the 10th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.[19]


At the fourth annual "Women of Hope/Mujeres de la Esperanza"[20] awards, Canseco was one of nine women to win this City of Hope award which recognizes US Hispanic women role models.[20] María Elena Salinas, a Univision newscaster who Canseco has worked with, also won this same award.[20]

In 2008, Canseco was selected as one of People en Español's "Los 50 Más Bellos"("The 50 Most Beautiful People") as well as Jackie Guerrido.[21] She won this award again in 2009 and posed dressed as Greta Garbo.[22]

Personal life[edit]

Canseco was born in Mexico City. As of 2005, Canseco lived with her mother and several pets.[1] She gets up at 4:30 a.m. every morning and goes to bed early because of her Un Nuevo Día duties. Canseco speaks Spanish and English.[3] At the age of 12 she found out that the person she thought was her sister was actually her birth mother. In 2004, she became a U.S. citizen

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