Ana and the Others

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Ana y los otros
Directed by Celina Murga
Written by Celina Murga
Starring Juan Cruz Díaz la Barba
Natacha Massera
Release date
21 April 2003
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Ana and the Others (Spanish: Ana y los otros) is a 2003 Argentine independent drama film directed and written by Celina Murga.


Twenty-something Ana, now living in Buenos Aires, returns to her native city of Paraná. She meets old school mates, old friends, makes new ones, and starts to rethink her life, and perhaps changes her future forever.


  • Juan Cruz Díaz la Barba .... Matías
  • Natacha Massera .... Natalia
  • Camila Toker .... Ana
  • Ignacio Uslenghi .... Diego


The film premiered in Argentina on 21 April 2003 and premiered in over 10 major countries worldwide.

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