Anabar Constituency

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Locatie District Anabar.png

Anabar Constituency is one of the constituencies of Nauru and is made up of three districts: Anabar, Anibare, and Ijuw. It covers an area of 5.1 km², and has a population of 1,240. It returns two members to the Parliament of Nauru in Yaren.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Seat 1
Member Term Party
Ludwig Scotty 1983-Present Non-partisan
Seat 2
Member Term Party
James Deireragea ?-2003 Non-partisan
Riddell Akua 2003-Present Nauru First

Coordinates: 0°31′0″S 166°57′0″E / 0.51667°S 166.95000°E / -0.51667; 166.95000