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Anabasis (from Greek ana = "upward", bainein = "to step or march") is an expedition from a coastline up into the interior of a country. Anabase and Anabasis may also refer to:

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • Anabasis (Xenophon), classic text by the Greek writer Xenophon (431–355 BC), about the expedition of the Persian prince Cyrus the Younger against his brother, King Artaxerxes II
  • Anabasis Alexandri (Anabasis of Alexander), classic text by the Greek historian Arrian (86 – after 146 AD), about Alexander the Great (336–323 BC)
  • Anabase (fr), a 1924 poem by Saint-John Perse
  • Anabasis, a 1930 translation by T. S. Eliot of Perse's poem
  • Anabasis, a 1994 novel by Ellen Gilchrist


  • "Anabasis (Xenophontis)", a song from Australian band Parkway Drive's debut album Killing with a Smile


  • Anabasis, the first studio LP from The Rifle, released Jun 2, 2017.


History and military[edit]


See also[edit]

  • Anabasii, couriers of antiquity
  • Katabasis, a trip from the interior down to the coast