Anabelle Langlois

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Anabelle Langlois
Anabelle Langlois Cody Hay at the 2010 Olympics (2).jpg
Anabelle Langlois and Cody Hay at the 2010 Olympics
Personal information
Country representedCanada
Born (1981-07-21) July 21, 1981 (age 37)
Grand-Mère, Quebec
Height1.50 m (4 ft 11 in)
PartnerCody Hay
Former partnerPatrice Archetto
Former coachLee Barkell, Doug Leigh, Shane Denison, Jan Ullmark
Former choreographerDavid Wilson, Lori Nichol, Nikolai Morozov, Shae-Lynn Bourne
Skating clubCPA Hull
Former training locationsBarrie
Began skating1989
RetiredMay 2010
ISU personal best scores
Combined total179.97
2010 Olympics
Short program64.20
2010 Olympics
Free skate115.77
2010 Olympics

Anabelle Langlois (born July 21, 1981) is a Canadian pair skater. She is the 2008 Canadian national champion with Cody Hay and the 2002 Four Continents silver medalist with Patrice Archetto.


Langlois teamed up with Patrice Archetto in 1998.[1] She fractured her skull as a result of a fall on a throw jump at the 1998 Canadian Championships.[1][2] She wore a hockey helmet for six months afterward.[3] Langlois/Archetto won the silver medal at the 2002 Four Continents Championships, five Grand Prix medals, and five Canadian national medals. Jan Ullmark coached the pair in Edmonton.[4] Their partnership ended when Archetto retired from competition in 2005.[5]

Langlois teamed up with Cody Hay in 2005.[5] The pair finished 4th at the 2006 Skate America. They were forced to withdraw from their second event, 2006 Cup of Russia, because the airline lost Langlois' skates.[6] Langlois/Hay took bronze at the 2007 Canadian Championships and were named to their first Worlds team. They placed 10th at the 2007 World Championships in Tokyo, Japan.

In the 2007–08 season, Langlois/Hay competed at Skate Canada and NHK Trophy, before winning their first national title at the 2008 Canadian Championships in Vancouver, British Columbia. They went on to compete at the 2008 World Championships in Sweden, where they placed 8th.

Langlois sustained a spiral fracture to her lower right fibula during practice on July 23, 2008 and underwent surgery a week later, after which she had five screws and a metal plate in her ankle.[7][8] The pair, assigned to the 2008 Skate Canada International and 2008 NHK Trophy,[9] withdrew from both Grand Prix events.[8] Langlois returned to training in mid-September but had trouble walking during a January 6, 2009 practice session.[7] It was determined that she had tissue damage and the pair withdrew from the 2009 Canadian Championships.[7] Around February 2009, she had surgery to remove the screws and metal plate.[10] The pair subsequently withdrew from the 2009 Four Continents Championships and 2009 World Championships.[8][11]

Langlois/Hay's first international competition back from her injury was the 2009 Nebelhorn Trophy held in Oberstdorf, Germany. Later on in November 2009, they were back on the Grand Prix circuit where they placed 4th at Skate Canada in Kitchener, Ontario. At the 2010 Canadian Championships in London, Ontario, Langlois/Hay won the silver medal behind Jessica Dubé / Bryce Davison and were named to the Olympic team.[10] They placed 9th in Vancouver, British Columbia.

On May 21, 2010, Langlois announced her retirement from competition.[12] She participated in the fall 2010 and fall 2011 seasons of Battle of the Blades on CBC.

Personal life[edit]

Langlois and Hay became engaged in 2010.[13] They married on May 21, 2012.[14] Their daughter, Mia Olivia Hay, was born on March 28, 2013.[15]


With Hay[edit]

Season Short program Free skating
  • Fascination
  • The Messiah Is Coming

With Archetto[edit]

Season Short program Free skating
  • Gypsy Earrings
    by Puerto Vallarat Squeeze

  • As Time Goes By
    John Evans Orchestra
  • Trumpet Blues
    John Evans Orchestra
  • I Will Wait For You
    (from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)
    by Michel Legrand
    Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra
  • Puerro Vallarra Squeeze
    by Wille and Lobo
  • Gypsy Earrings
    by Strunz and Farah

Competitive highlights[edit]

With Hay[edit]

Event 2005–06 2006–07 2007–08 2009–10
Olympics 9th
Worlds 10th 8th 10th
Four Continents 6th 7th
GP Cup of Russia WD
GP NHK Trophy 5th
GP Skate America 4th
GP Skate Canada 4th 4th 4th
Nebelhorn Trophy 3rd
Karl Schäfer 2nd
Canadian Champ. 4th 3rd 1st 2nd
GP = Grand Prix; WD = Withdrew
Langlois / Hay did not compete in the 2008–2009 season.

With Archetto[edit]

Event 1997–98 1998–99 1999–00 2000–01 2001–02 2002–03 2003–04 2004–05
Olympics 12th
Worlds 10th 5th 8th
Four Continents 6th 2nd 4th 5th
Grand Prix Final 6th 4th
GP Lalique/Bompard 4th WD
GP NHK Trophy WD 3rd 2nd
GP Skate Canada 3rd 3rd 4th 4th
GP Skate America 2nd
Canadian Champ. WD 9th 6th 3rd 3rd 2nd 2nd 3rd
GP = Grand Prix; WD = Withdrew


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