Anagnostis Petimezas

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Anagnostis Petimezas
Αναγνώστης Πετιμεζάς
Born 1765
Soudena near Kalavryta (now Greece) Flag of Greece
Died 1822
Corinth, Greece Flag of Greece
Nationality Flag of Greece Greek
Occupation Greek revolutionary leader

Anagnostis Petimezas (Greek: Αναγνώστης Πετιμεζάς, 1765 - 1822) was a Greek revolutionary leader during the Greek War of Independence.

He was born in 1765 in Soudena near Kalavryta and was descended from the historic Petmezades family. He was the son of Sotiris, brother of Athanasios which he in Voussoka. He took part in the battles of Kalavryta, Acrocorinth, Tripoli where he was a mandate of Theodoros Kolokotronis, etc.

He was assassinated with his son Sotiris in a Turkish ambush at Vasiliko near Sikyona and Corinth in 1822 as he was on his way to fight against Dramali Pasha.


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