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Anahat TheMovie.jpg
Promotional theatrical poster
Directed by Amol Palekar
Starring Sonali Bendre
Anant Nag
Deepti Naval
Cinematography Debu Deodhar
Release dates
2003 (2003)
Running time
90 minutes
Country India
Language Marathi

Anahat (Eternity) is a 2003 Marathi film directed by Amol Palekar and starring Sonali Bendre, Anant Nag and Deepti Naval. Anahat focuses on a woman (Bendre) asserting her right to sexual fulfillment. Anahat, (the eighth feature film of the actor-turned-director), is the second offering by Palekar which examines gender-related issues, the first being Daayra. The film was inspired by Surendra Verma’s Hindi play Surya ki Antim Kiran Se Surya Ki Pehli Kiran Tak.[1] Anahat was screened as the opening film of the 2003 Indian Panorama, an International film festival.[2]


Anahat is set in the 10th century A.D in Shravasti, the capital of the Kingdom of Malla. It revolves around two individuals — the king of Malla (Anant Nag) who is unable to father an heir, and the Queen, Sheelavati (Sonali Bendre), who is forced to choose a potent mate for one night. But, while the queen is ordered to merely produce an heir through the prevalent custom of Niyoga, she ends up enjoying the sexual act. Her overt demand for a repeat act thickens the plot.


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