Anaisa Pye

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Anaisa Pie
Venerated in Hoodoo (folk magic), Dominican Vudú, Folk Catholicism
Feast 26 July
Attributes Pink, yellow
Patronage Love, money, happiness

Anaisa Pye (alternatively, Anaisa Pie, Anaisa Pie Danto, or Anaisa La Chiquita) is a very popular loa within Dominican Vodou. She is considered the patron saint of love, money, and general happiness within the 21 Divisions. She is often considered extremely flirtatious, generous, and playful by her devotees. She, as well as other worshipers, are concerned for other female Loas, as they consider themselves able to provide for anything a person could request. In Roman Catholicism, she is syncretized with Saint Anne and her altars are often decorated with pictures and statues of Saint Anne and the child Mary. She is said to work very well with Belie Belcan, another popular Loa who is associated with Saint Michael the Archangel. Therefore, one will always find icons of Saint Anne next to icons of Saint Michael in Vodou households and temples. Her feast day is celebrated on 26 July and her favorite colors are yellow and pink. Some people consider Cachita to be one of her "puntos" (or incarnations).

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