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Town Council
Anaka is located in Uganda
Location in Uganda
Coordinates: 02°36′00″N 31°57′00″E / 2.60000°N 31.95000°E / 2.60000; 31.95000
Country Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda
Region Northern Uganda
Sub-region Acholi sub-region
District Nwoya District
Elevation 3,000 ft (1,000 m)
For the Egyptian goddess sometimes known as Anaka, see Anuket.

Anaka is a town in Northern Uganda. It is the seat of the Nwoya District headquarters. Other towns being:


Anaka is situated on the main highway between Gulu and Pakwach. It is located 52 kilometres (32 mi), by road, southwest of Gulu - the largest city in the sub-region.[1] The coordinates of the town are:02 36 00N, 31 57 00E (Latitude:2.6000; Longitude:31.9500).


The landmarks within the town limits or close to the edges of the town include:

  • Post Bank - the only bank in the district.
  • The offices of Anaka Town Council
  • Anaka Hospital - A 120 bed public hospital, administered by the Uganda Ministry of Health
  • Anaka Central Market
  • The Gulu-Pakwach Highway - The highway passes through town in an East to West direction
  • Ogom Trading Centre and home of the Late Mr. Alex Okot Akiyo and the Late Mr. Oweka Labokke.
  • Pope Paul VI Senior Secondary School.
  • Anaka Catholic Church.

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Coordinates: 02°36′00″N 31°57′00″E / 2.60000°N 31.95000°E / 2.60000; 31.95000