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Anal may refer to:

Related to the anus

  • Related to the anus of animals:
  • Related to the human anus:
    • Anal sex, a type of sexual activity involving stimulation of the anus
    • Anal stage, a term used by Sigmund Freud to describe the development during the second year of life
    • Anal expulsive, people who have a carefree attitude
    • Anal retentive, a person overly uptight or distressed over ordinarily minor problems


Other uses

  • Anāl Naga, an ethnic group of northeast India and Myanmar
  • Ammonal, or ANAL, an explosive made from ammonium nitrate (AN) and aluminium (AL) powder
  • All Nippon Air Line, a 2008 boys love manga
  • Anal Arasu, Indian fight master/action choreographer

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