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Native name:
Analaitivu is located in Northern Province
Analaitivu is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates 9°40′01″N 79°46′32″E / 9.66694°N 79.77556°E / 9.66694; 79.77556Coordinates: 9°40′01″N 79°46′32″E / 9.66694°N 79.77556°E / 9.66694; 79.77556
Area 4.82 km2 (1.86 sq mi)[1]
Province Northern
District Jaffna
DS Division Islands North
Population 1,781 (2012)[2]
Pop. density 370 /km2 (960 /sq mi)
Languages Tamil
Ethnic groups Sri Lankan Tamils
Additional information
Time zone

Analaitivu (Tamil: அனலைதீவு, translit. Aṉalaitīvu; Sinhalese: අන්නලදූව Annaladūva) is an island off the coast of Jaffna peninsula in northern Sri Lanka, located approximately 25 kilometres (16 mi) west of the city of Jaffna. Known as Rotterdam during Dutch colonial rule, the island has an area of 4.82 square kilometres (1.86 sq mi).[1][3] The island is divided into two Village Officer Divisions (Analaitivu North and Analaitivu South) whose combined population was 1,781 at the 2012 census.[2]

Analaitivu is divided into seven wards each corresponding to a major settlement. There are number of Hindu temples and a few churches on the island. It has no causeway connecting it to the mainland or other islands but is served by a ferry service from Kayts on the neighbouring island of Velanaitivu.[4][5]


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