Analogy (band)

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OriginVarese, Lombardy, Italy
GenresKrautrock, psychedelic rock, progressive rock
Years active1972–1974
LabelsProduzioni Ventotto, Akarma Records, Garden of Delights, Ohrwaschl Records
Past membersMartin Thurn
Nicola Pankoff
Wolfgang Schoene
Hermann-Jurgen Nienhaus
Jutta Nienhaus
Rocco Abate

Analogy was a German and Italian psychedelic rock, progressive rock band, active in the 1970s. The band was launched by the guitarist Martin Thurn when attending the European School, Varese.[1] In 1968, Thurn founded a band called Sons of Glove. Other members were Wolfgang Schoene, Thomas Schmidt (later Pell Mell) and Jutta Nienhaus. The band later renamed itself to Joice (due to a misprint later as The Yoice) in 1970 with drummer Hermann-Jürgen Nienhaus (brother of Jutta) and Mauro Rattaggi (bass), the only Italian member of the band. During a music festival in Arona, a spontaneous collaboration happened with keyboarder Nikola Pankoff whilst playing a free interpretation of Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother". Pankoff became a band member thereafter. Finally, in 1972, after becoming a more centered progressive rock band, they decided to change their name to Analogy. Their first release was the single "Sold Out" / "God's Own Land", two songs written by Thurn. At the end of the year, Rattaggi had to join the army and left the band. Schoene changed to the bass guitar.


  • Martin Thurn (1950 – 2018) – Guitar
  • Nicola Pankoff (1948) – Keyboards
  • Wolfgang Schoene (1950) – Bass
  • Hermann-Jurgen Nienhaus (1952 – 1990) – Drums
  • Jutta Nienhaus (1953 – 2018) – Vocals
  • Rocco Abate (1950) – Flute
  • Mauro Rattaggi (1952) – Bass


  • Analogy (1972, Produzioni Ventotto)
  • The Suite (1993)
  • 25 Years Later (1995)


  1. ^ Breznikar, Klemen (October 7, 2011). "Analogy interview with Martin Thurn-Mithoff". It's Psychedelic Baby! Magazine. Archived from the original on October 25, 2018. Retrieved March 13, 2019. After moving to Varese in 1968, I started a band at the European School ("The Sons of Goive") with Wolfgang Schoene, which played around locally for about a year.

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