Ananda Central College

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Ananda Central College
Ananda Central College Crest.jpg
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Coordinates 6°17′44″N 80°09′58″E / 6.29556°N 80.16611°E / 6.29556; 80.16611Coordinates: 6°17′44″N 80°09′58″E / 6.29556°N 80.16611°E / 6.29556; 80.16611
Type National

"අපදාන සොභිනී පඤ්ඤා"

Apadana Sobhini Paknkna
Established 1940s
Founder Anagarika Dharmapala and Colonel Henry Steel Olcott
Principal Mrs. Kokila Mendis
Grades Class 1 - 13
Gender Co-ed
Age range 6 to 19
Enrollment 4000(student population)

Green and Yellow

Affiliation Buddhist

Ananda Central College (Sinhala: ආනන්ද ම‍‍ධ්‍ය මහා විද්‍යාලය), is a co-educational National school in the Elpitiya division, Galle district, Sri Lanka. It provides education for around 4000 students in grades 1 to 13.

Location and size[edit]

Ananda Central College is situated on the left side of the road towards Pitigala 100 meters from the main city of Elpitiya in the Galle District. It consists of over 4000 students and a staff of about 130 teachers.


Ananda Central College was founded in 1940s. During the World War II after the Japanese Dropped Bombs on Colombo 5 April 1942. In case Anagarika Dharmapala and Colonel Henry Steel Olcott tried to establish schools across the country.And as a result they Founded The Ananda Central College.


The students are divided into four houses:

  • Gamunu
  • Parakum
  • Thissa
  • Vijaya