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Ananda Gotrikas, also referred to as Anandas ruled coastal Andhra with Kapotapuram as the capital from 335-425 AD. The Telugu form of Kapotapuram is Pittalapuram. It is located in Chejerla mandal of Guntur District.

AnandaGotrika's/AnandaGotra's king dom details see the early dynasty of AndhraHistory 250 --680 A.D. Wellknown as attivarma,Damodaravarma,..etc kings Rouled Costal andhra and Guntur dist chejerlla,tadikonda etc.actually Researcher's are finded two or three Capital's of this anandagotraking's.The Period of anandagotra king's Called the name of Capitals " JANAPDA/ JANAPADAMULU IN Telugu/sanscrict language's meaning.after searching of south andhra available some amazing proof's of ananda/anandhaGotra's people leaving in AnandaGotram in HINDU'S/IZAM, Their house name as Tatam and Hindu Religen Ananda Gotrikulu. these people's are living old kadapa dist called as HiranyaGharba located near Kadiri a historacal old unknowan, un Researched and Demolished/disturbed Ford ,village KANDARAPURAM Now called Andaepuram i.e Andrapuram.AND ALSO Kamba Narasimha, Golaangula's called in MARKANDAPURANA IN HINDU Grandha's/book's.their 'kingdom symble" is Long tail Monkey in telugu meaning Called as Anjaneya swamy /god. ANDHAE/ANDHRAPURAM NEAR OF ANANDAKINGS MOUNTAIN HILL OF "KAMBANarasimha MOUNTAIN HILL.This is the hill area hight land ,Ford having a very old year's bird's of Kapotam's kapotam is sanskrit word pavuramulu is in telinga/telugu meaning. these dird's are leaving this regard AnandaGora people's some familye's/houses countable on finger's. community belong...PATRA.