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Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP) Group is a large media group with headquarters in Kolkata. ABP Group was established in 1922. [1] It publishes numerous Bengali language books by many renowned authors. Ananda Publishers is a division of ABP Group. As per will of ABP past Owner-Editor Ashok Kumar Sarkar,no female member of Sarkar family will not be the Editor. Present Editor Aveek Sarkar has no son,only two daughters,Publisher Arup Sarkar has 2 sons and 2 daughters,Adip Sarkar died,he has no son,Ashani Sarkar out of the ABP business,he has no son. So,next editor,after Aveek Sarkar will be from the son of Arup Sarkar,Aritro or Atidev. Aritro is not interested in the publishing,natural choice is Atidev.Now he is actively engaged with the ABP business. He will be the 4th.generation Editor of ABP from sarkar family. 1) Prafulla Kumar Sarkar,2) Ashok Kumar Sarkar,3) Aveek Sarkar 4) Atidev Sarkar.



  • Anandabazar Patrika is one of the largest Indian newspapers, and the largest Bengali language daily newspaper[2]
  • Ebela Bengali language newspaper targeting youth started from September 2012
  • The Telegraph is the largest circulated English language daily newspaper among newspapers published from Kolkata


  • Anandamela is the largest selling Bengali children's fortnightly magazine[citation needed]. It also has a club for children.
  • Unish-Kuri is a popular fortnightly Bengali magazine for teens and young adults.
  • Sananda is a magazine for empowering women. Aparna Sen, one of the best actors and directors of Indian Cinema in the last 50 years, has been editing Sananda from its inception.
  • Anandalok A film magazine on Bollywood and Bengali movie celebrities.
  • The Telegraph in Schools (TTIS), India’s largest standalone newspaper by and for school students.
  • Desh has acted like a primer for Bengali literature and culture for many years. It is difficult to find a successful author in Bengali, who has never been connected to Desh in some manner. Desh gave birth to generations of poets and novelists, but what continues to keep Desh special, are its non-fiction articles and essays on topics of current, historical and cultural interest.
  • Boiyer Desh
  • Career
  • Businessworld is India's largest selling business magazine.[citation needed] It is renowned for its content and driven by its chief editor, Prosenjit Dutta. The Annual BW Excellence Awards are a key event in the calendars of India Inc.
  • FORTUNE India A global business magazine.

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Publishing Houses[edit]

  • Ananda Publishers


The House of Ananda awards the Ananda Purashkar every year to talented writers writing in Bengali.[citation needed]

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