Anandakrishnan Glacier

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Anandakrishnan Glacier
Map showing the location of Anandakrishnan Glacier
Map showing the location of Anandakrishnan Glacier
Location of Anandakrishnan Glacier in Antarctica
LocationMarie Byrd Land
Coordinates75°32′S 140°5′W / 75.533°S 140.083°W / -75.533; -140.083
Length30 km (19 mi)

Anandakrishnan Glacier (75°32′S 140°5′W / 75.533°S 140.083°W / -75.533; -140.083Coordinates: 75°32′S 140°5′W / 75.533°S 140.083°W / -75.533; -140.083) is a glacier about 15 nautical miles (30 km) long draining through the Ruppert Coast north of Strauss Glacier in Antarctica. It was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names after Sridhar Anandakrishnan, a Penn State University geophysicist, whose glaciological interests focus on Antarctic ice sheet studies, ice stream migration, time-series investigations, and Antarctic tectonics.[1]

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