Ananias son of Nedebaios

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Ananias son of Nedebaios (Josephus, Antiquites xx. 5. 2, called "Ananias ben Nebedeus") in the Book of Acts, was a high priest, who presided during the trial of Paul at Jerusalem and Caesarea. He officiated as high priest from about AD 47 to 52. Quadratus, governor of Syria, accused him of being responsible for acts of violence. He was sent to Rome for trial (AD 52), but was acquitted by the emperor Claudius.

Being a friend of the Romans, he was murdered by the people at the beginning of the First Jewish-Roman War. His son Eliezar ben Hanania was one of the leaders of the Great Revolt of Judea.

Preceded by
Josephus ben Camydus
High Priest of Israel
Succeeded by