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Пам’ятник П.І. Ніщинському в місті Ананьїв.JPG
Flag of Ananyiv
Coat of arms of Ananyiv
Coat of arms
Ananyiv is located in Ukraine
Location in Ukraine
Coordinates: 47°43′N 29°58′E / 47.717°N 29.967°E / 47.717; 29.967Coordinates: 47°43′N 29°58′E / 47.717°N 29.967°E / 47.717; 29.967
Country  Ukraine
Oblast Odessa Oblast
Raion Ananyiv Raion
Population (2015)
 • Total 8,495
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Area code(s) +380 4863

Ananyiv (Ukrainian: Ана́ньїв, Russian: Ана́ньев, Yiddish: אנאניעוו‎, Romanian: Ananiev) is a city and the administrative center of Ananyiv Raion in Odessa Oblast, Ukraine. It stands on the Tyligul River. Population: 8,495 (2015 est.)[1]

The town belonged to Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic from 1924 to 1940.

Jewish history[edit]

Jews settled in Ananyiv since the 19th century. In 1820, the Jewish community in town owned a synagogue and a cemetery,[2] which no longer exists, though the new cemetery from the 20th century can be visited.[3] The Surnames on the gravestones are still visible and documented online.[4] Photos of the town Jews from the beginning of the 20th century are also visible online.[5] In April 1887, a mob attacked and destroyed 175 Jewish homes and 14 shops.[3] In 1897, 50% of the town population was Jewish.[6] During 1919, two pogroms in town resulted in more than 40 dead Jews.[6] Under Nazi occupation, more than 330 of the town Jews were killed by Einsatzgruppen 10b.[7] On October 1941, 300 out of the 445 left town. Jews were murdered in nearby Mostove, and the rest a month later in Gvozdiovka. One of these two mass graves is signed[8] in Ukrainian and open to public.[9] In 1990, 30 Jews lived in Ananyiv.[3]

On this site 1500 Jews were killed by the Eisentzgrupen during the Holocaust

Notable people[edit]