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Anant Computing
IndustryMobile Application Development
Founded2013; 6 years ago (2013) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
FounderPhani Bhushan & Gopal Pradhan

Anant Computing is a Mumbai based company which focuses on development of cross-platform vernacular applications for mobile phones. Anant Computing is founded by Phani Bhushan (best known to the public as a "batchmate" of Google core business CEO, Sundar Pichai at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur[1]). and Gopal Pradhan, who conceptualized and developed a vernacular Cloud-based mobile Application Development platform, which works in all 22 Indian languages.[2]


Since there is a huge Linguistic Diversity in India, where only 10.35% are English speakers and the digital communication is majorly communicated in English leaving nearly 600 million Indians to not understand the language their mobile phone communicates in, which creates a barrier of communication. Phani Bhushan and Gopal Pradhan were interested in finding the solution to this digital divide. The software and interface developed by them, not only facilitated users in Indian languages, but also the development of vernacular applications through a repository of tools and libraries. "The OS has a potential to include the non-English speaking population of the country into the digital revolution," Mukesh Mathur, a scientist with Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council, Department of Science & Technology (DST).[3] Anant Computing continues to focus on equipping mobile developers with tools to access the next billion of Indians that will be connected with internet and cheaper mobile devices through native cross platform apps that can be accessed by consumers using feature phones and smartphones.[4]


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