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Pearly everlasting
Anapahlis margaritacea.jpg
Anaphalis margaritacea
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Asterids
Order: Asterales
Family: Asteraceae
Tribe: Gnaphalieae
Genus: Anaphalis
DC. (1838)
Type species
Anaphalis nubigena
  • Margaripes (DC.) DC. ex Steud.
  • Antennaria sect. Margaripes DC.
  • Gnaphalium subsect. Margaripes (DC.) Miq.
  • Gnaphalium sect. Anaphalis (DC.) Miq.

Anaphalis is a genus of herbaceous and woody flowering plants within the Asteraceae family, whose members are commonly known by the name pearl or pearly everlasting.[3] There are around 110 species with the vast majority being native to central and southern Asia.[4][5][6] There is one species native to North America that is fairly well known and popular in cultivation, namely the western pearly everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea).

The name probably derives from the common practice of drying the flowers and stems for decorations through winter months. This plant was used extensively by Native Americans for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Two of the species, A. javanica and A. longifolia can be found on mountainsides on the Island of Java in Indonesia. Anaphalis javanica, also known as the Javanese Edelweiss, is currently an endangered species.

  1. Anaphalis acutifolia Hand.-Mazz.
  2. Anaphalis adnata Wall. ex DC.
  3. Anaphalis alpicola Makino
  4. Anaphalis araneosa DC.
  5. Anaphalis arfakensis Mattf.
  6. Anaphalis aristata (DC.) DC.
  7. Anaphalis aureopunctata Lingelsh. & Borza
  8. Anaphalis barnesii C.E.C.Fisch.
  9. Anaphalis batangensis Y.L.Chen
  10. Anaphalis beddomei Hook.f.
  11. Anaphalis bicolor (Franch.) Diels
  12. Anaphalis boissieri Georgiadou
  13. Anaphalis brevifolia DC.
  14. Anaphalis bulleyana (Jeffrey) C.C.Chang
  15. Anaphalis busua (Buch.-Ham.) DC.
  16. Anaphalis candollei Georgiadou
  17. Anaphalis cavei Chatterjee
  18. Anaphalis chilensis Reiche
  19. Anaphalis chlamydophylla Diels
  20. Anaphalis chungtienensis Y.L.Chen
  21. Anaphalis cinerascens Ling & W.Wang
  22. Anaphalis contorta (D.Don) Hook.f.
  23. Anaphalis contortiformis Hand.-Mazz.
  24. Anaphalis cooperi Grierson & Spring.
  25. Anaphalis corymbifera C.C.Chang
  26. Anaphalis cuneifolia (DC.) Hook.f.
  27. Anaphalis cutchica C.B.Clarke
  28. Anaphalis darvasica Boriss.
  29. Anaphalis delavayi (Franch.) Diels
  30. Anaphalis depauperata Boriss.
  31. Anaphalis deserti J.R.Drumm.
  32. Anaphalis elegans Ling
  33. Anaphalis flaccida Ling
  34. Anaphalis flavescens Hand.-Mazz.
  35. Anaphalis fruticosa Hook.f.
  36. Anaphalis garanica Boriss.
  37. Anaphalis gracilis Hand.-Mazz.
  38. Anaphalis griffithii Hook.f.
  39. Anaphalis hancockii Maxim.
  40. Anaphalis hellwigii Warb.
  41. Anaphalis himachalensis Aswal & Goel
  42. Anaphalis hondae Kitam.
  43. Anaphalis hookeri C.B.Clarke
  44. Anaphalis horaimontana Masam.
  45. Anaphalis hymenolepis Ling
  46. Anaphalis javanica (DC.) Sch.Bip.
  47. Anaphalis kashmiriana P.C.Pant, R.R.Rao & G.Arti
  48. Anaphalis kokonorica (Y.Ling) Grubov
  49. Anaphalis lactea Maxim.
  50. Anaphalis larium Hand.-Mazz.
  51. Anaphalis latialata Ling & Y.L.Chen
  52. Anaphalis latifolia Kinzik. & Vainberg
  53. Anaphalis lawii (Hook.f.) Gamble
  54. Anaphalis leptophylla (DC.) DC.
  55. Anaphalis likiangensis (Franch.) Y.Ling
  56. Anaphalis longifolia (Blume) Blume ex DC.
  57. Anaphalis marcescens (Wight) C.B.Clarke
  58. Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. & Hook.f.
  59. Anaphalis margaritaceae L.
  60. Anaphalis maxima (Kuntze) Steenis
  61. Anaphalis meeboldii W.W.Sm.
  62. Anaphalis morrisonicola Hayata
  63. Anaphalis mucronata C.B.Clarke ex Hemsl.
  64. Anaphalis muliensis (Hand.-Mazz.) Hand.-Mazz.
  65. Anaphalis nagasawai Hayata
  66. Anaphalis neelgerryana (DC.) DC.
  67. Anaphalis nepalensis (Spreng.) Hand.-Mazz.
  68. Anaphalis notoniana (DC.) DC.
  69. Anaphalis nubigena DC.
  70. Anaphalis oxyphylla Ling & C.Shih
  71. Anaphalis pachylaena Y.L.Chen & Ling
  72. Anaphalis pannosa Hand.-Mazz.
  73. Anaphalis patentifolia Rech.f.
  74. Anaphalis pedicellatum T.Anderson
  75. Anaphalis pelliculata Trimen
  76. Anaphalis plicata Kitam.
  77. Anaphalis porphyrolepis Ling & Y.L.Chen
  78. Anaphalis pseudocinnamomea Grierson
  79. Anaphalis racemifera Franch.
  80. Anaphalis rhododactyla W.W.Sm.
  81. Anaphalis roseoalba Krasch.
  82. Anaphalis royleana DC.
  83. Anaphalis sarawschanica (C.Winkl.) B.Fedtsch.
  84. Anaphalis saxatilis (DC.) Boerl.
  85. Anaphalis scopulosa Boriss.
  86. Anaphalis sinica Hance
  87. Anaphalis souliei Diels
  88. Anaphalis spodiophylla Ling & Y.L.Chen
  89. Anaphalis staintonii Georgiadou
  90. Anaphalis stenocephala Ling & C.Shih
  91. Anaphalis subdecurrens (DC.) Gamble
  92. Anaphalis subtilis Kinzik. & Vainberg
  93. Anaphalis subumbellata C.B.Clarke
  94. Anaphalis suffruticosa Hand.-Mazz.
  95. Anaphalis sulphurea (Trimen) Grierson
  96. Anaphalis surculosa (Hand.-Mazz.) Hand.-Mazz.
  97. Anaphalis szechuanensis Ling & Y.L.Chen
  98. Anaphalis tenuicaulis Boriss.
  99. Anaphalis tenuisissima C.C.Chang
  100. Anaphalis thwaitesii C.B.Clarke
  101. Anaphalis tibetica Kitam.
  102. Anaphalis transnokoensis Sasaki
  103. Anaphalis travancorica W.W.Sm.
  104. Anaphalis triplinervis (Sims) Sims ex C.B.Clarke
  105. Anaphalis velutina Krasch.
  106. Anaphalis virens C.C.Chang
  107. Anaphalis virgata Thomson
  108. Anaphalis viridis Cummins
  109. Anaphalis viscida (Blume) DC.
  110. Anaphalis wightiana (Wall ex DC.) DC.
  111. Anaphalis xylorhiza Sch.Bip. ex Hook.f.
  112. Anaphalis yangii Y.L.Chen & Y.L.Lin
  113. Anaphalis yunnanensis (Franch.) Diels
  114. Anaphalis zeylanica C.B.Clarke


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