Anarchic Adjustment

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Anarchic Adjustment
Industryfashion clothing
Founded1986[citation needed]
FounderNick Philip
Area served

Anarchic Adjustment was a fashion clothing company founded in 1986[citation needed] by British clothing designer Nick Philip.[1] It initially focused on skate punk wear but later, operating in San Francisco, California, became known for its rave fashion, such as T-shirts featuring aliens, UFOs, or MDMA-inspired slogans like "open your mind."[1][2]

Anarchic Adjustment opened two fashion shops in Japan, one opened in Tokyo in 1994, west of Ebisu station[3] and a second store in the American Village in Osaka inside the American Village Parco Store. Alan Brown, along with Joi Ito were responsible for founding the Anarchic stores in Japan.[citation needed]

Hiroshi Fujiwara, DJ, Mixmaster Morris, Towa Tei of Deelite, and Timothy Leary were early adopters of Anarchic Adjustment fashion.[citation needed] Hiroshi featured "Anarchic" in his Fujiwara Adjustment section of Cutie Magazine and Timothy Leary wore "Anarchic" whenever he could.[citation needed]


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