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The Anarchist Communist Initiative (Turkish: Anarşist Komünist Inisiyatif/AKI) was a Turkish anarchist-communist, Platformist-leaning organization. AKI was one of the largest anarchist organizations in Turkey around 2006.[citation needed]

AKI had been involved in may social struggles in Turkey. They have been involved in resistance to the war in Iraq.[1] There have been solidarity efforts with other anarchists abroad, such as organizing actions to support striking workers of the Swedish anarcho-syndicalist union, the Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden.[2] The AKI has been active in supporting the struggles of workers within Turkey, as well as those of other oppressed elements of society.

The "Red and Black Istanbul" group (Turkish: Kara Kızıl İstanbul/KKI), founded in 2013, is a partial successor of the AKI.

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