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Anarchopanda during a demonstration May 22nd in Montréal

Anarchopanda (French pronunciation: ​[anaʁkopɑ̃da]) is a giant panda and the unofficial mascot of the 2012 Quebec student protests, known for hugging both students and police officers.[1] His first appearance was at a protest on May 8, 2012. He was portrayed by philosophy professor Julien Villeneuve at Montreal CEGEP Collège de Maisonneuve.

Julien Villeneuve[edit]

Julien Villeneuve, who dressed in a panda costume to portray Anarchopanda, has a strong affinity for Plato, Aristotle and Plotinus.[2][3] A self-described anarcho-pacifist,[4] he tried to create a buffer between police and students to avoid violence "without betraying [the students'] struggle or co-opting their discourse".


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