Anarchy (magazine)

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Cover of Anarchy 14 on Disobedience
EditorColin Ward
CategoriesPolitical philosophy
PublisherFreedom Press
First issueMarch 1961
Final issue1970
Based inLondon

Anarchy was an anarchist monthly magazine produced in London from March 1961 until December 1970.[1] It was published by Freedom Press and edited by its founder, Colin Ward[1][2] with cover art on many issues by Rufus Segar. The magazine included articles on anarchism and reflections on current events from an anarchist perspective, e.g. workers control, criminology, squatting.

The magazine had irregular contributions from writers such as Marie Louise Berneri,[2] Paul Goodman,[2] George Woodcock,[2] Murray Bookchin,[2] and Nicholas Walter.[2]

A second series of Anarchy was published into the 1980s with an editorship that included Chris Broad and Phil Ruff.[3]

Freedom Press later published A Decade of Anarchy 1961-1970: Selections from the Monthly Journal Anarchy which collected writing from the first series as edited by Colin Ward.[4] Cover designs for every issue are collected in Autonomy: The Cover Designs of Anarchy 1961‒1970 edited by Daniel Poyner.[5]

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