Anarchy Championship Wrestling

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Anarchy Championship Wrestling
IndustryProfessional Wrestling
HeadquartersAustin, Texas
OwnerDarin Childs

Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) is a professional wrestling promotion based out of Austin, Texas, owned and operated by Darin Childs. They held their first official event on January 14, 2007 in San Antonio, Texas.[1] The promotion has developed a reputation over the years for featuring hardcore wrestling in music venues[2] and festivals,[3] as well as the pioneering women's division, the "Joshi Division"[4]


ACW was founded by Darin Childs, Rachel Summerlyn and Jacob Ladder in 2007 with the intention of reviving the central Texas independent wrestling scene.[1] They ran over 30 shows in the year 2007 in San Antonio, Austin, Seguin and other communities around Texas garnering notoriety for their intense work ethic. Promotion mainstays Childs, Summerlyn and Ladder wrestled other well-known Texas wrestlers such as Mike Dell, Scot Summers and Masada. They were soon joined by nationally known talents such as Bryan Danielson(Daniel Bryan), Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black (Seth Rollins).[1] The first wrestler to bring national notoriety to the Anarchy Heavyweight Championship was Jerry Lynn.[5] Known as "The Godfather of Anarchy" in ACW,[6] Jerry's first notable feud in ACW was with Scot Summers, his first and last opponent in an ACW ring.[7] Eventually Scot and Jerry would team, defeating The Submission Squad in 2008 for the Anarchy Tag Team Championship.[8] Later Scot would name his daughter after Jerry.[9] Jerry Lynn wrestled Masada for the CZW World Championship in 2012 at ACW presents An Absence of Law.[10] At Guilty By Association 7 in 2013, shortly before his retirement, Jerry wrestled his last match in TX against Scot Summers.[11] Jerry would return to ACW in 2016 to be honored as the 1st member of "Anarchy's Elite" at Guilty by Association X.[12] In August 2010 Scot Summers and Mike Dell wrestled a career vs career match at Hooligans in San Antonio(Live Oak), TX in which Mike Dell lost, forcing him to leave ACW.[13] A documentary called "Squared Circle Dreams[14]" was produced which followed the promotion through its early years, providing interviews with the wrestlers and the fans about the impact of ACW on themselves and pro wrestling in Texas.[15]

In 2009 ACW held its first women's wrestling tournament featuring the "Joshi Division",[16] a departure from popular women's professional wrestling of the time that was dominated by the "Divas". The Joshi division offers athletically intense wrestling matches featuring wrestlers such as Daffney, Sara Del Rey, Portia Perez, Ms Chif, Athena (Ember Moon) well before some would make their mark on the "Women's wrestling revolution".[4]

In 2010 ACW began appearing at Fun Fun Fun Fest, a music, sports and comedy festival in Austin, TX. They became a staple of the yearly event.[3][17] At the 2013 festival, two ACW wrestlers(later identified to be Paul London and ACH[18]) were reported to have entered a mosh pit during the Cro-Mags performance.[19] In 2016 Graham Williams, former owner of Transmission Events(producers of Fun Fun Fun Fest) founded Margin Walker Presents and announced the informal successor to Fun Fun Fun Fest, Sound on Sound Fest.[20] Once again, ACW was present at the festival.[21]



Championship Current Champion Reigns Date Won
ACW Heavyweight Championship Jason Silver 1 January 28, 2018
ACW American Joshi Championship Vacant November 2, 2018
ACW Tag Team Championship (ACH & Kody Lane) 1 February 25, 2018
ACW Under-30 Championship DG Taylor 1 July 22, 2018
ACW Televised Championship Ethan Price 1 October 28, 2018
ACW Hardcore Championship Jeff Gant 1 December 17, 2017


Birth name Wrestler Name Tenure Ref.
Akira Tozawa Akira Tozawa 2010-2011
Andy Dalton 2007-2008
Arik Cannon 2007-2012
Athena 2008-2015
Awesome Andy 2007-2012
Barbi Hayden 2014
Berry Breeze 2007-2012
Brent Masters 2009-2016
Bryan Danielson Bryan Danielson 2007 [23]
BxB Hulk 2007
Chingo Smurf 2008-2012
Chris Hero 2007-2011
Christina Von Eerie 2011-012
Chuey Martinez 2007-2016
Claudia Solis 2008-2016
Claudio Castagnoli 2007-2010
Colt Cabana 2009-2013
Crazy Mary Dobson 2016
Daffney Unger 2007-2010 [24]
Daizee Haze 2010
Darin Childs 2017
Davey Vega 2009-2016
Delirious 2008-2010
Dingo 2007-2011
Drake Younger 2007
Drew Lucid 2007-2012
Dusty Wolfe 2007
Dylan Dunbar 2015-2017
El Generico 2010-2012
Evan Gelistico 2008-2016
Gregory Symonds 2008-2009
Hernandez 2007-2008
Human Tornado 2007-2008
Ian Rotten 2007
James Claxton 2007-2014
Jax Dane 2012
Jaykus Plisken 2007-2013
Jazz 2012
Jenny Rose 2014
Jerry Lynn 2007-2013
Jessica Havok 2012
Jessica James 2009-2016
Jimmy Jacobs 2007-2013
JT LaMotta 2007-2016
Julio Garza 2007-2009
Junior Garza 2008-2016
Ken Johnson 2007-2016
Lance Hoyt 2012
Logan Hooks 2017
Low Ki 2007-2008
LuFisto 2015
Matt Fitchett 2010-2013
Matt Sydal 2007
Matthew Palmer 2008-2015
Mia Yim 2011-2012
Mickie Knuckles 2007
Mike Dell 2007-2010
Mike Quackenbush 2007
Miss Diss_Lexia 2007-2015
Mistico Incognito 2008
Mitch Ryder 2007
Ms Chif 2008-2010
Necro Butcher 2007-2008
Nicole Matthews 2009
Nigel McGuiness 2007
Nikki Roxx 2009
Paul London 2009-2014
Pierre Abernathy 2007-2015
Portia Perez 2007-2012 [25]
Rachel Summerlyn 2007-2013
Ray Rowe 2015-2016
Rhia O'Reilly 2013
Ricky Romita 2010-2015
Robert Evans 2009-2012
Roderick Strong 2007
Rodney Mack 2012
Rory Fox 2007-2009
Sara Del Rey 2008-2010 [26]
Scot Summers 2007-2016
Scotty Riggs 2007 [27]
Serena Deeb 2010-2011 [28]
Sexxxy Eddy 2007
Shark Boy 2007
Shark Girl 2008
Shawn Daivari 2007
Shawn Vexx 2007-2015
Sicodelico Jr 2007-2008
Skitzo 2007-2015
Skylar Skelly 2007-2011
Solo Darling 2014-2015
Spiro 2007-2010
Stan Summers 2007-2016
Super Electro 2008-2011
Thomas Munoz 2015-2017
Thomas Shire 2011-2015
Tyler Black 2008
Veda Scott 2012


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