Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs

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Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs
Author Curious George Brigade
Subject Anarchism
Genre Political philosophy, DIY culture
Publisher CrimethInc./Yellow Jack Distrow
Publication date
Media type Paperback
Pages 150
OCLC 56579664
Preceded by The Inefficient Utopia, or How Consensus Will Change the World
Followed by Liberate Not Exterminate

Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs is a book written by the Curious George Brigade, an anarchist collective in the CrimethInc. network.[1] About their project the collective says "By dinosaurs, we mean Capitalism, The State, Hierarchy, and the countless other guises worn by Authority. What shall come after the dinosaurs! Championing decentralization, chaos, mutual aid and butterfly-wings among other things, this book brings to life the tactics and strategies for an effective resistance against the dinosaurs today."

While the Curious George Brigade articulates an expressly anarchist vision, they do not seek to promote anarchism as an ideology.[1] Their book begins with a short preface aptly entitled, "How I forgot the Spanish Civil War and Learned to Love Anarchy". They write that the "moment anarchy becomes capital-A Anarchism, with all the requisite platforms and narrow historical baggage, it is transformed from the activity of people into yet another stale ideology for sale on the marketplace." They describe their nonsectarian, flexible, and inclusive DIY communitarian approach as "folk anarchy... a name, however arbitrary, for an infinite multitude of actions taken to erode the constraints of authority." They believe that there "is no secret for revolution, no grand dialectic, no master theory." Revolutions "are as perpetual as the changing of the seasons."

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