Anargha Nimisham

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Anargha Nimisham (Invaluable Moment) is a collection of short stories by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer published in 1946.[1] Unlike other works by Basheer which are filled with humour and satire, stories of Anargha Nimisham mostly deal with philosophical and spiritual aspects.[2]

List of stories[edit]

  • "Anargha Nimisham"
  • "Jeevitham"
  • "Mangalaashamsakal"
  • "Sandhyapranamam"
  • "Yuddham Avasanikkanamenkil"
  • "Vishudharomam"
  • "Poonilavil"
  • "Anal Haq"
  • "Ekanthathayude Mahatheeram"
  • "Ajnathamaya Bhaviyilekk"


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