Anas el-Wugood

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Anas el-Wugood is an opera in Arabic by the Egyptian composer Aziz El-Shawan. It was written in 1970 but not premiered until 1995.[1] The plot is based on a character from the Arabian Nights, Uns el Wujud "Delight of the World," who was beloved by the fair Zahar el-Waard "Flower of the Rose".[2]


  1. ^ Sherifa Zuhur Images of enchantment: visual and performing arts of the Middle East p132 1998 "... whose influence is apparent in El-Shawan' s music through the colorful orchestration and use of the melodic line. ... He has also written the first Egyptian opera, Anas al-Wogood, which had its premiere in 1995, thirty years after ..."
  2. ^ Egypt: descriptive, historical and picturesque: 2 Georg Ebers 1884 "natives call it Anas el-Wugood, and Anas el-Wugood was beloved by the fair Zahar el- Ward (Flower of the Rose). ... The castle here meant is the Temple of Isis ; and in the story of Anas el-Wugood it is related that the young hero of ..."