Anas ibn Malik

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Anas ibn Malik

Anas ibn Malik ibn Nadr al-Khazraji Al-Ansari (Arabic: أنس بن مالك الخزرجي الأنصاري‎ (c.612-c.712[1]) was a well-known sahabi (companion) of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad.


Tomb of Anas Bin Malik at Basra Iraq

Anas ibn Malik, a member of the Najjar clan of the Khazraj tribe of Yathrib, was born ten years before Muhammad's Hijrah. After his father, Malik ibn Nadr, died a non-Muslim, his mother, Umm Sulaim, remarried to a new convert, Abu Talha ibn Thabit. Anas's half-brother from this marriage was Abdullah ibn Abi Talha.[2]

When Muhammad arrived in Medina in 622, Anas's mother presented him to her prophet as a servant.[1]

After Muhammad's death in 632, Anas participated in the wars of conquest.[1]

The longest-lived of all the Companions of the Prophet, Anas died in 93 AH (712 CE)[3] in Basra[4] at the age of 103 (lunar) years.[4]

Sunni View[edit]

He is one of the major narrators of Hadith, and like all of the Sahaba, and is considered trustworthy.

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