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Also known as Apokrifna realnost, Aporea
Origin Republic of Macedonia
Genres Electronic ; Darkwave; progressive folk
Years active 1987–present

Anastasia (Macedonian: Анастасија, transliterated Anastasija) is a Macedonian music group. The band was formed in 1987 as Apokrifna Realnost and changed their name to Anastasia in 1989. Their members are:

Their music is a blend combining Byzantine past, through Eastern Orthodox Church music with a rich gamut of ethnic Macedonian music rhythms.

Anastasia have written several music scores for films, theater performances and TV programs. Their soundtrack for the Academy Award nominated movie Before the Rain was released in 1994 by Polygram and sold thousands of copies worldwide. In the same year, the Thessaloniki-based label Poeta Negra released a 12" EP [1] containing the tracks "By the Rivers of Babylon" and "Pass Over." In 1997, they released "Melourgia" on the Greek label Libra (cat. no. L.M.007);[2] the record included a reworked version of "By the Rivers of Babylon." This was followed by their last album to date, "Nocturnal," on the same label ( L.M.013); this record saw the band including electronic elements in their music as well.


  • Na rjekah vavilonskih (1988, self-released)
  • Na rjekah vavilonskih (1990, DOM)
  • Before the Rain (1994, PolyGram)
  • Melourgia (1997, Libra Music)
  • Nocturnal (1998, Third Ear Music)

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