Anastasia Ryabova

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Anastasia Ryabova
Alma materMaster of Philosophy, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Known forInstallation art
AwardsKandinsky Prize in media projects, 2011; Soratnik awards laureate, 2011

Anastasia Ryabova (born in Moscow in 1985) is a contemporary artist who won the 2011 Kandinsky Prize in media projects for her work, Artists' Private Collections, a virtual "museum of contemporary art based on artists' private collections".[1] She is known for works that play "linguistic games."[2] She was also the Soratnik awards laureate for 2011.[3]

She holds a Master of Philosophy from the National Research University Higher School of Economics.[4]

Selected exhibitions[edit]

Her art has been exhibited in Russia, Austria, Italy, and Germany.[8]


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