Anastasios Tsamados

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Anastasios Tsamados
Anastasios Tsamados.JPG
Anastasios Tsamados
Portrait by Dionysios Tsokos
(National Historical Museum, Athens)
Born 1774
Hydra, Ottoman Empire
Died 1825
Sphacteria, Greece
Occupation admiral

Anastasios Tsamados (Greek: Αναστάσιος Τσαμαδός; 1774 in Hydra – 1825 in Sphacteria) was a Greek admiral of the Greek War of Independence. He was the famous captain of the brig Aris and leader of a squadron under Andreas Miaoulis.


He was born on the island of Hydra in 1774. Upon the outbreak of the Greek Revolution in March 1821, Tsamados armed his ship Aris with 16 12-pounder guns and joined the fleet of his home island. He took part in many battles and operations of Greek Revolution and soon became a famous captain. In April 1825, he went to Neokastron and consulted with the Minister of War Anagnostaras to help the fight against Ibrahim Pasha. He was killed during the Battle of Sphacteria.