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Anatol Hrytskievich (Belarusian: Анатоль Грыцкевіч; January 31, 1929 – January 20, 2015) was a Belarusian historian. He was a correspondent member of the International Academy of Science of Eurasia (1996–2015), doctor of history (1986–2015), professor (1987–2015). He was born in Minsk.

Anatol Hrytskievich graduated in 1950 from the Minsk Medical Institute and in 1955 — from the Minsk Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages and in 1958 from the Belarusian State University history faculty.

Since 1959 Anatol Hrytskievich worked at the History Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, since 1975 as a dean at the Minsk Culture Institute, since 1996 as director of the Belarusian Institute of Central and Eastern Europe.

Hrytskievich was a researcher of medieval History of Belarus, the history of Belarusian szlachta, Eastern Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism in Belarus.

Anatol Hrytskievich died on January 20, 2015[1]

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