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Anatoli Kim in 2013

Anatoli Andreyevich Kim (Russian: Анато́лий Андре́евич Ким; born 15 June 1939) is a Russian-language writer.[1]


Kim's father was a Soviet Korean, the son of a man who immigrated to the Russian Far East in 1908; his mother was of Russian ethnicity. He claims to be a descendant of 15th-century Korean author Kim Si-seup.[2] He was born in Sergievka, Tulkibas District, Chimkent Oblast, Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (today South Kazakhstan Province, Kazakhstan) and spent his early years there.[1] In 1948, his family moved to the Russian Far East and Sakhalin, where he lived until 1957 before entering an art school in Moscow.[3]


Aside from his original works, Kim has also translated a number of Kazakh language works into Russian, including Abdijamil Nurpeisov's Last Duty (Последний долг) and Mukhtar Auezov's Path of Abay (a re-translation, to replace an older Soviet-era version perceived as insufficient).[4][5]

Selected works[edit]


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