Anatolian Hieroglyphs (Unicode block)

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Anatolian Hieroglyphs
(640 code points)
ScriptsAnatolian Hieroglyphs
Assigned583 code points
Unused57 reserved code points
Unicode version history
8.0583 (+583)
Note: [1][2]

Anatolian Hieroglyphs is a Unicode block containing Anatolian hieroglyphs, used to write the extinct Luwian language.

Anatolian Hieroglyphs[1][2]
Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+1440x 𔐀 𔐁 𔐂 𔐃 𔐄 𔐅 𔐆 𔐇 𔐈 𔐉 𔐊 𔐋 𔐌 𔐍 𔐎 𔐏
U+1441x 𔐐 𔐑 𔐒 𔐓 𔐔 𔐕 𔐖 𔐗 𔐘 𔐙 𔐚 𔐛 𔐜 𔐝 𔐞 𔐟
U+1442x 𔐠 𔐡 𔐢 𔐣 𔐤 𔐥 𔐦 𔐧 𔐨 𔐩 𔐪 𔐫 𔐬 𔐭 𔐮 𔐯
U+1443x 𔐰 𔐱 𔐲 𔐳 𔐴 𔐵 𔐶 𔐷 𔐸 𔐹 𔐺 𔐻 𔐼 𔐽 𔐾 𔐿
U+1444x 𔑀 𔑁 𔑂 𔑃 𔑄 𔑅 𔑆 𔑇 𔑈 𔑉 𔑊 𔑋 𔑌 𔑍 𔑎 𔑏
U+1445x 𔑐 𔑑 𔑒 𔑓 𔑔 𔑕 𔑖 𔑗 𔑘 𔑙 𔑚 𔑛 𔑜 𔑝 𔑞 𔑟
U+1446x 𔑠 𔑡 𔑢 𔑣 𔑤 𔑥 𔑦 𔑧 𔑨 𔑩 𔑪 𔑫 𔑬 𔑭 𔑮 𔑯
U+1447x 𔑰 𔑱 𔑲 𔑳 𔑴 𔑵 𔑶 𔑷 𔑸 𔑹 𔑺 𔑻 𔑼 𔑽 𔑾 𔑿
U+1448x 𔒀 𔒁 𔒂 𔒃 𔒄 𔒅 𔒆 𔒇 𔒈 𔒉 𔒊 𔒋 𔒌 𔒍 𔒎 𔒏
U+1449x 𔒐 𔒑 𔒒 𔒓 𔒔 𔒕 𔒖 𔒗 𔒘 𔒙 𔒚 𔒛 𔒜 𔒝 𔒞 𔒟
U+144Ax 𔒠 𔒡 𔒢 𔒣 𔒤 𔒥 𔒦 𔒧 𔒨 𔒩 𔒪 𔒫 𔒬 𔒭 𔒮 𔒯
U+144Bx 𔒰 𔒱 𔒲 𔒳 𔒴 𔒵 𔒶 𔒷 𔒸 𔒹 𔒺 𔒻 𔒼 𔒽 𔒾 𔒿
U+144Cx 𔓀 𔓁 𔓂 𔓃 𔓄 𔓅 𔓆 𔓇 𔓈 𔓉 𔓊 𔓋 𔓌 𔓍 𔓎 𔓏
U+144Dx 𔓐 𔓑 𔓒 𔓓 𔓔 𔓕 𔓖 𔓗 𔓘 𔓙 𔓚 𔓛 𔓜 𔓝 𔓞 𔓟
U+144Ex 𔓠 𔓡 𔓢 𔓣 𔓤 𔓥 𔓦 𔓧 𔓨 𔓩 𔓪 𔓫 𔓬 𔓭 𔓮 𔓯
U+144Fx 𔓰 𔓱 𔓲 𔓳 𔓴 𔓵 𔓶 𔓷 𔓸 𔓹 𔓺 𔓻 𔓼 𔓽 𔓾 𔓿
U+1450x 𔔀 𔔁 𔔂 𔔃 𔔄 𔔅 𔔆 𔔇 𔔈 𔔉 𔔊 𔔋 𔔌 𔔍 𔔎 𔔏
U+1451x 𔔐 𔔑 𔔒 𔔓 𔔔 𔔕 𔔖 𔔗 𔔘 𔔙 𔔚 𔔛 𔔜 𔔝 𔔞 𔔟
U+1452x 𔔠 𔔡 𔔢 𔔣 𔔤 𔔥 𔔦 𔔧 𔔨 𔔩 𔔪 𔔫 𔔬 𔔭 𔔮 𔔯
U+1453x 𔔰 𔔱 𔔲 𔔳 𔔴 𔔵 𔔶 𔔷 𔔸 𔔹 𔔺 𔔻 𔔼 𔔽 𔔾 𔔿
U+1454x 𔕀 𔕁 𔕂 𔕃 𔕄 𔕅 𔕆 𔕇 𔕈 𔕉 𔕊 𔕋 𔕌 𔕍 𔕎 𔕏
U+1455x 𔕐 𔕑 𔕒 𔕓 𔕔 𔕕 𔕖 𔕗 𔕘 𔕙 𔕚 𔕛 𔕜 𔕝 𔕞 𔕟
U+1456x 𔕠 𔕡 𔕢 𔕣 𔕤 𔕥 𔕦 𔕧 𔕨 𔕩 𔕪 𔕫 𔕬 𔕭 𔕮 𔕯
U+1457x 𔕰 𔕱 𔕲 𔕳 𔕴 𔕵 𔕶 𔕷 𔕸 𔕹 𔕺 𔕻 𔕼 𔕽 𔕾 𔕿
U+1458x 𔖀 𔖁 𔖂 𔖃 𔖄 𔖅 𔖆 𔖇 𔖈 𔖉 𔖊 𔖋 𔖌 𔖍 𔖎 𔖏
U+1459x 𔖐 𔖑 𔖒 𔖓 𔖔 𔖕 𔖖 𔖗 𔖘 𔖙 𔖚 𔖛 𔖜 𔖝 𔖞 𔖟
U+145Ax 𔖠 𔖡 𔖢 𔖣 𔖤 𔖥 𔖦 𔖧 𔖨 𔖩 𔖪 𔖫 𔖬 𔖭 𔖮 𔖯
U+145Bx 𔖰 𔖱 𔖲 𔖳 𔖴 𔖵 𔖶 𔖷 𔖸 𔖹 𔖺 𔖻 𔖼 𔖽 𔖾 𔖿
U+145Cx 𔗀 𔗁 𔗂 𔗃 𔗄 𔗅 𔗆 𔗇 𔗈 𔗉 𔗊 𔗋 𔗌 𔗍 𔗎 𔗏
U+145Dx 𔗐 𔗑 𔗒 𔗓 𔗔 𔗕 𔗖 𔗗 𔗘 𔗙 𔗚 𔗛 𔗜 𔗝 𔗞 𔗟
U+145Ex 𔗠 𔗡 𔗢 𔗣 𔗤 𔗥 𔗦 𔗧 𔗨 𔗩 𔗪 𔗫 𔗬 𔗭 𔗮 𔗯
U+145Fx 𔗰 𔗱 𔗲 𔗳 𔗴 𔗵 𔗶 𔗷 𔗸 𔗹 𔗺 𔗻 𔗼 𔗽 𔗾 𔗿
U+1460x 𔘀 𔘁 𔘂 𔘃 𔘄 𔘅 𔘆 𔘇 𔘈 𔘉 𔘊 𔘋 𔘌 𔘍 𔘎 𔘏
U+1461x 𔘐 𔘑 𔘒 𔘓 𔘔 𔘕 𔘖 𔘗 𔘘 𔘙 𔘚 𔘛 𔘜 𔘝 𔘞 𔘟
U+1462x 𔘠 𔘡 𔘢 𔘣 𔘤 𔘥 𔘦 𔘧 𔘨 𔘩 𔘪 𔘫 𔘬 𔘭 𔘮 𔘯
U+1463x 𔘰 𔘱 𔘲 𔘳 𔘴 𔘵 𔘶 𔘷 𔘸 𔘹 𔘺 𔘻 𔘼 𔘽 𔘾 𔘿
U+1464x 𔙀 𔙁 𔙂 𔙃 𔙄 𔙅 𔙆
1.^ As of Unicode version 12.0
2.^ Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points


The following Unicode-related documents record the purpose and process of defining specific characters in the Anatolian Hieroglyphs block:

Version Final code points[a] Count L2 ID WG2 ID Document
8.0 U+14400..14646 583 L2/99-068 Everson, Michael (1999-02-11), Luvian script
L2/06-305 N3144 Everson, Michael (2006-09-20), Preliminary proposal to encode Anatolian Hieroglyphs in the SMP of the UCS
L2/07-096 N3236R Everson, Michael (2007-05-01), Proposal to encode Anatolian Hieroglyphs in the SMP of the UCS
L2/07-268 N3253 (pdf, doc) Umamaheswaran, V. S. (2007-07-26), "8.16", Unconfirmed minutes of WG 2 meeting 50, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany; 2007-04-24/27
L2/11-363 N4147 Everson, Michael (2011-10-21), Revised code chart for Anatolian Hieroglyphs
L2/12-136 N4264 Everson, Michael (2012-05-02), Revised proposal to encode Anatolian Hieroglyphs in the SMP of the UCS
L2/12-213 N4282 Everson, Michael (2012-07-15), Final proposal to encode Anatolian Hieroglyphs in the SMP of the UCS
L2/13-120 N4441 Anderson, Deborah (2013-05-08), Anatolian RA or RI
N4353 (pdf, doc) "M60.08", Unconfirmed minutes of WG 2 meeting 60, 2013-05-23
L2/13-132 Moore, Lisa (2013-07-29), "Consensus 136-C18", UTC #136 Minutes, Approve 583 Anatolian Hieroglyphs at U+14400..U+14646, with block Anatolian Hieroglyphs at U+14400..U+1467F, with code points, names, and glyphs as shown in L2/13-151 for encoding in a future version of the standard.
N4403 (pdf, doc) Umamaheswaran, V. S. (2014-01-28), "Resolution M61.02 item e", Unconfirmed minutes of WG 2 meeting 61, Holiday Inn, Vilnius, Lithuania; 2013-06-10/14
  1. ^ Proposed code points and characters names may differ from final code points and names


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