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Not to be confused with Anatolia (disambiguation).

Anatoly, Анатолий (Russian),[1] is a common Russian and Ukrainian male name, derived from the Greek name Ανατολιος Anatolios, meaning "sunrise." Other common Russian transliterations are Anatoliy and Anatoli. The Ukrainian transliteration is Anatolii. The French version of the name is Anatole. Other variants are Anatol and more rarely Anatolio.

Saint Anatolius was a third-century saint from Alexandria in Egypt.[2]

Anatoly was one of the five most popular names for baby boys born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2004.[3] One in every 35,110 Americans are named Anatoly and the popularity of the name Anatoly is 28.48 people per million.[4]

The name of Anatolia – a region located to the east from the Greeks' point of view – shares the same linguistic origin.


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