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Anatoly Anatoliyovych Sharij
Anatoly Shariy 2018.jpg
Personal information
BornUkrainian: Анатолій Анатолійович Шарій
(1978-08-20) 20 August 1978 (age 40)
Kiev, Ukraine
YouTube information
Years active2013–present
GenrePolitical, comedy, vlog
Subscribers2.1+ million
(March 21, 2019)
Total views2.6+ billion
(May 1, 2019)

Anatoly Sharij (also spelled Anatoly Shariy and Anatoliy Sharij, etc., Ukrainian: Анатолій Шарій, Russian: Анато́лий Шари́й) is a Ukrainian investigative journalist[2] and a videoblogger. Earlier he was known primarily for his investigations on the police and other law enforcement agencies. He has sought asylum in the European Union claiming persecution by Ukrainian law enforcement bodies.[3][4][5]

Early life and career[edit]

Sharij studied at the Kiev Higher Tank Engineering School [ru], Faculty of Regimental Intelligence.[citation needed] He began to engage in journalism in early 2005.[6] Before that, for many years he suffered from compulsive gambling.[7]

Journalism and video blogging[edit]

In 2005, he worked at Ukrainian women's glossy magazines Natalie , Edinstvenaya, Polina and at the Ukrainian periodical publication Segodnya and has collaborated with Russian newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" and others.[citation needed]

In December 2006 he wrote the article "Why the Baby Sleeps" ("Почему спит ребенок")[8] about the abuse babies by professional beggars in Kiev: they sleep because they are sedated by illegal drugs or vodka.

In 2008, Sharij became a permanent author at the online editions of From-UA and Obozrevatel,[citation needed] but since 2009 he worked only with online newspapers.[citation needed]

From 2008 to early 2012, prior to the moment Sharij fled Ukraine, he was the head of the Investigation Department of the website Obozrevatel.[citation needed] In 2008–2011 Sharij also authored a number of publications on organized crime in Ukraine.[citation needed]

In 2012 he was granted asylum in the European Union. He received a permanent residency permit in Lithuania for 5 years.[2][9] Shariy left Ukraine because of two criminal prosecutions. One involved the an incident when he shot at a man from a gun with rubber bullets at a McDonald's restaurant. According to Shariy he did this after the man attacked his wife.[3] In addition, in October 2011 Shariy was charged with a second criminal case when he was accussed of fabricating an attack upon himself.[3]

"They trumped up one case over a shooting at McDonald's. A man attacked my wife who is on maternity leave, behaved improperly, and who invited me to fight. As a result, he received two bullets from a gun with rubber bullets and a light bodily injury," Shariy said.

"The man left, but I called the police and gave evidence. Nobody called me in for questioning, and all was quiet. The head of the Shevchenkivsky district department of police, Hryntsevych, said that there were no grounds to open a criminal case against me. A month later, Deputy Interior Minister Farynnyk [opened a criminal case against] me," he added.

Shariy said that the incident at McDonald's was no coincidence, because earlier he began investigating the subject of illegal drug trade that "was covered, speaking directly, led, by the Interior Ministry." According to the journalist, the police conducted their investigation into the shooting at McDonalds in four days, trumped up a criminal case against him under Part 4, Article 296 of the Criminal Code (hooliganism committed with a firearm) and sent it to the courts.

— Kyiv journalist asks for asylum in Lithuania[10]

From 2014 onwards, Shariy focused on producing video blogs for his YouTube channel, which, among other things carries out debunking misinformation and propaganda in Ukrainian media. He also frequently criticizes mainly Ukrainian publications related to the events in Ukraine after Euromaidan, as well as the current Ukrainian government.[11]

In May 2018 Shariy posted a series of videos which reported anti-Semitic and other racist posts by Ukrainian consul in Hamburg Vasyl Marushinets (Василь Марушинець) in his Facebook page. Ukrainian officials tried to distance themselves from Marushinets claiming that they did not know anything about his views. Sharij proved that this cannot be true, because a number of posts of this type were "liked" by Ukrainian diplomats, and that Marushinets posted his views not only in the privacy of Facebook, but in open forums as well.[12] The subsequent scandal have led to recall of Marushinets "for disciplinary proceedings",[13][14][15] and on May 30, 2018 he was fired.[16]

Shariy is among the 48 authors of the 2018 book of memoirs Oles Buzina. Prophet and Martyr ("Олесь Бузина. Пророк и мученик"),[17] banned in Ukraine.[18]

Awards and reception[edit]

In 2009, Sharij won the Yousmi Web-Journalism Award for "Best Story (Non-Professional)".[19]

Russia-based Russian-American journalist Vladimir Pozner commented on Sharij's work, saying that Sharij was one of those who had the right to be called a journalist, because, unlike many others, Sharij is calling a spade a spade. "He allowed himself (and, as I understand it, continues to allow itself) to write and speak the truth about Ukraine. He once ended up making a run of it and now is forced to hide from the authorities of this extremely democratic country"[20]

On November 16, 2017 in a rating of the personalities by number of readers in the Ukrainian segments of Facebook and Twitter, Sharij got the 12th place with the aggregate audience of 511,000 people.[21][22]

On March 18, 2019, the company Brand Analytics published its ratings of Russophone YouTube-bloggers for February 2019. In terms of viewer engagement rate (defined by the company as the sum of likes and comments), where Sharij's vlog holds the 1st place, who collected about 3 million likes and 430,000 comments. In terms of audience, with 1.8 million subscribers he was on the 38th place. The company notices that political topics usually attracts a small fraction of YouTube viewers.[23]


Ukrainian media routinely describes Sharij as a pro-Russian or anti-Ukrainian propagandist; see e.g., the Ukrainian News Agency[24] and others.[13] In response Sharij announced a reward of 2,000 Euro to anybody who demonstrates a piece of pro-Russian or anti-Ukrainian propaganda in his posts.[citation needed]

For a long time[clarification needed] Feygin accused Shariy of pedophilia both in social networks and traditional media. It particular, in July 2017 during a live broadcast of the show "My Truth" on the "Moscow Talking" radio channel, Feygin stated "He (Anatoly Shariy) is under investigation for pedophilia".[25][26] Sharij sued him for defamation, and eventually, after Feygin's appeal, won the case.[27] See Mark Feygin#Anatoly Shariy lawsuit for more.


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