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Origin London, UK
Genres Alternative rock, rock
Years active 2011 (2011)–present
Labels Eleven Seven Music, LAB Records
Website Anavae on Facebook
Members Rebecca Need-Menear, Jamie Finch
Past members James Pearce

Anavae (often abbreviated ae, Æ or æ) are an English rock duo from London. Formed late 2011, the group consists of Rebecca Need-Menear and Jamie Finch. Following their self-released EP Into the Aether, the band signed with English indie label LAB Records in 2013, releasing a second EP entitled Dimensions soon after. Their live members consist of Seb Gee (drums), Josh Platt (guitar), and Kris Hodges (bass and synths).


Founding, early releases[edit]

The band was created in late 2011 by Jamie Finch and lead vocalist Rebecca Need-Menear. Anavae soon after released four teaser tracks,[1] including the first singles "World in a Bottle"[2] and "Whatever The Case May Be." In May 2012 the band released a further three tracks,[1] which came together and became their first EP Into the aether, which was released through Bandcamp for free download or 'name a price,' reaching over 10,000 downloads.[3] Aerology, released on 7 May 2012, is a 6-track remix EP featuring remixes of their material by other artists.[4]

On 19 August 2012, Anavae were featured in Kerrang!,[5] their first major magazine appearance, along with a small feature in Rocksound earlier in the month.[6] Other features and appearances include Scuzz, Kerrang TV, Alex Bakerman's Kerrang rock show,[7] Redbull, Music Week,[7],[8] Property Of Zack,[9] Ourzone,[10] FRONT Magazine, Alternative Press,[7] Bryan Stars,[11] Big Cheese Magazine,[12] Spotify features and VidZone for PS3.[13]

Signing to LAB Records[edit]

In January 2013 it was announced the band had signed a record deal with independent UK label LAB Records,[14] and would release Storm Chaser EP on 10 February 2013, with the title track "Storm Chaser" as their first single for the label.[14] "Storm Chaser" entered the UK Rock & Metal singles chart at #33,[15] as the third-highest new entry and a rare listing for non-major label affiliated act. They were one of only 2 artists in the "Rock 40" who weren’t either signed to or distributed by a major label.[7] "Storm Chaser" also reached #10 in the iTunes singles rock chart and was their first video to be released on the Anavae VEVO channel.[7]

In April 2013 the band completed their first UK tour[10] on the Ourzone Found Tour with I Divide.[16] In October the band released new single "Anti-Faith" and announced their EP Dimensions, which was released on November 10, 2013.[17] Dimensions, entered the official rock chart at #32[18] and reached the top 10 on the iTunes rock album chart.[19] It received a positive 8/10 review from Rock Sound.[20]

Having spent 2014 mostly writing new songs, Anavae self released the song "Feel Alive" on 30 March 2015 and saw it immediately picked up and played by BBC Radio1 Rock Show and featured on BBC Introducing.


  • Rebecca Need-Menear - lead vocals
  • Jamie Finch - guitar
  • James Pearce - bass


Chart peaks[edit]

List of EPs and selected chart peaks
Year Album title Release details Chart peaks
UK Rock Albums iTunes Rock Albums
2012 Into The Aether
  • Released: 1 May 2012
  • Label: independent
  • Format: CD, digital
2013 Storm Chaser
  • Released: 10 February 2013
  • Label: LAB Records
  • Format: CD, digital
  • Released: 10 November 2013
  • Label: LAB Records
  • Format: CD, digital
32 11
Incomplete list of singles by Anavae, with selected chart peaks
Year Title Chart peaks Album Notes
UK Rock Songs iTunes Rock Songs
2012 "World in a Bottle" Into The Aether 400,000 views on YouTube[2]
2013 "Storm Chaser" 33 10 Early promo release /
Video on VEVO
"Santa Stole My Girlfriend" It's Better to Give Than Receive
2015 "Feel Alive" Feel Alive Video on VEVO


Into The Aether EP (1 May 2012)

  1. Exit Stage Left (Pursued By A Bear)
  2. Idle Minds
  3. Sunlight Through A Straw
  4. Zero Fidelity
  5. Whatever the Case May Be
  6. Invaesion
  7. World In A Bottle
  8. Ghosts in the Machine (Bonus Track)

Storm Chaser - EP (10 February 2013)

  1. Storm Chaser
  2. Ghosts in the Machine
  3. Aequilux (Ransom & Locke Remix)
  4. This Light (Feat. Arthur Walwin)
  5. Storm Chaser Acoustic

Dimensions EP (10 November 2013)

  1. Anti-Faith
  2. Storm Chaser
  3. The Wanderer
  4. Hang Man
  5. Aeon
  6. Dream Catcher
  7. Bring Me Down
  8. Anti-Faith (Acoustic)

Remix EPs[edit]

Aerology EP (7 May 2012)[4]

  1. Wh4TEVER THE C4SE M4Y.//Be - Matt Knowles Remix
  2. laequiluxl//. - Ransom & Locke Remix
  3. -Z3R0* F1D3L1TY - Kris Hodges Remix
  4. EY3l lD-0LL M]NDS - Blushing Bracket Remix
  5. \^/0RLD [n ae B0++LE.. - Tom Sinclair Remix
  6. INVae510N - Mirage Remix

Music videos[edit]

Year "Name"
2011 "Whatever the Case May Be"
2012 "World in a Bottle"
"Sunlight Through A Straw"
2013 "Storm Chaser"
"The Wanderer"
2014 "Anti-Faith Acoustic"
"Hang Man" (lyric video)
2015 "Feel Alive"


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