Anaxandridas II

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Anaxandridas II
King of Sparta
Reign c. 560 BC - c. 520 BC
Predecessor Leon of Sparta
Successor Cleomenes I
Died c. 520 BC
Issue Cleomenes I
Leonidas I
Dynasty Agiad
Father Leon of Sparta

Anaxandridas II (Greek: Ἀναξανδρίδας) was an Agiad king of Sparta between 560 BC and 520 BC, father of Leonidas I and grandfather of Pleistarchus. He was succeeded by Cleomenes I.


At the time when Croesus sent his embassy to form an alliance with "the mightiest of the Greeks" (about 554 BC), the war with Tegea, which in the late reigns went against them, had now been decided in the Spartans' favour, under Anaxandridas and Ariston. They also had main carriage of the suppression of the tyrannies, and with it the establishment of Spartan hegemony.

With the reign of Anaxandridas and Ariston commences the period of certain dates, the chronology of their predecessors being doubtful and the accounts in many ways suspicious.


Anaxandridas II was a son of Leon of Sparta.

Anaxandridas's wife was deemed barren. As he would not divorce her, the ephors made Anaxandridas II take a second wife. By her Anaxandridas II had Cleomenes I, and after this, by his first wife he had three sons; Dorieus (father of Euryanas), famous Leonidas I, and Cleombrotus.

Anaxandridas II was succeeded by his son from his second marriage, Cleomenes I.

Leon of Sparta
First wife
Anaxandridas II
Second wife
Leonidas I
Cleombrotus (regent)
Cleomenes I


 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainSmith, William, ed. (1870). "Anaxandridas II". Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology. 

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Sparta
560 - 520 BC
Succeeded by
Cleomenes I