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Anaya Music
Birth nameTania Mara Botelho
OriginSao Paulo, Brazil
GenresInstrumental, new-age, MPB, Latin
Occupation(s)Composer, singer, arranger, guitarist, keyboardist
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Anaya Music (born Tania Mara Botelho) is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and of ASCAP. She is an award-winning Brazilian musician, composer and new age instrumentalist. (Anaya's album, Eternity, was nominated for Neo-Classical Album by the 2016 ZMR Awards and Anaya with song Dharma received the Global Music Awards as composer in 2017, USA).GlobalMusicAwards, Winner of Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement recipient for the new age songs:”Dharma”,”Love's River”,”Laman Song”in 2017 and newage Album Aonki in 2018.

Album “Aonki, Gateway of Love”, Clouzine International Music Awards 2018 Spring for BEST NEW AGE ALBUM. [1] [2]

Professional and academic experience[edit]

Anaya was born on July 25, in São Paulo, Brazil. Even as a child she always said she would be a scholar, a musical artist, and a poet. And so it was that she always studied hard to reach her objectives. She studied piano and guitar, took classes at the Music Conservatory, and studied under several private teachers.

Today, Anaya has undergraduate degrees in Library Science, Drama Arts, Computers, and International Relations. She has a master's degree from the University of Rio de Janeiro, a doctorate degree from Loughborough University of Technology in England, and a post doctorate degree in Information Systems from Syracuse University in the United States. [3]

During her undergraduate studies, Anaya sang and played the guitar on the Braziliann radio and TV, as well as at the Teatro da Paz in Belém, Pará.

Anaya has traveled the world with her guitar, performing not only in the universities where she studied, but also at nightclubs and international hotels.

Anaya currently dedicates herself to creating, producing and communicating her musical work. This includes 39 CDs, 5 musicals, a sound track for Luminance films, 4 videos, 1 songbook, and a DVD. She is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and ASCAP (where she received two Awards), and her CDs are included in the AllMusic website, and are sold mostly on internet sites. Her distribution list reaches national and international scales.

Anaya writes new age music for meditation. She also composes Brazilian popular music.


Anaya's relationship with music began when she was 8 years old. She is the niece of the famous maestro Meneleu Campos, and studied piano under maestro Waldemar Henriques, and music theory and harmony under Wilma Graça. She has had several guitar teachers.[3]

As an opera singer Anaya was closely supervised by maestro Hermelino Castelo Branco, besides having several teachers. She participated in many festivals, performed with Gonzaguinha and Ivan Lins, and is influenced by Tom Jobim and Schubert until today.[3]

Within Anaya's trajectory as an artist we find pop Brazilian trance and ambient new age for relaxation and meditation. The CD Caminhos was the first in this style. After Caminhos Anaya produced several new age and melodic trance-pop style music on CD, VHS and CDRom.

Anaya's contribution to the field of music has been her notable style, arrangements, and interpretation that usher the listeners into a state of profound relaxation.


In the 1980s she moved to Brasília, the capital of Brazil, and began focusing more on managerial and academic activities. During that period she was the director of the Applied Social Studies department at the University of Brasília (UnB).[3]

Anaya dedicated over 30 years to academia and research as a university professor, an international conference speaker, and by developing executive management activities in Brazilian public and private sectors. In Brasília, she implemented a doctorate program and coordinated a post doctorate program, both in Information Systems. She was president of innumerable examination boards for masters and doctorate degree programs, as well as for civil service examinations and professor promotions. She also participated in faculty and career commissions, and served on boards at the university, in local government, and in trade and union associations related to computer science, such as Sucesu (Brazilian Association of Computer and Telecommunication Users) and Assespro (Association of Brazilian Companies for Technology, Software, and Internet). Anaya has published over 70 scientific articles and 10 books, published in Brazil and abroad.[3]

Internationally, Anaya has worked as a specialist in international organizations such as the ILO, UNESCO, FAO, FID, IFLA,among others. She was also senior researcher for CAPES, CNPq (National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development), and the Ministry of Science and Technology in Brazil, where she also participated in scientific commissions. She was given scientific awards by the Fulbright Commission for her work as a researcher. Anaya has contributed greatly toward the advancement of research regarding leadership that uses an approach based on the theory of consciousness.[3]

Spiritualist and holistic experience[edit]

Anaya has worked for years in healing arts using many types of therapies ranging from those related to the physical body to those related to the more subtle and spiritual aspects of being.

Coming from a family that practiced Kardec Spiritism, Anaya first had contact with the more subtle energies of the Universe through her paternal grandmother, Izabel Romano. While still at a young age, she was introduced to Hinduism and Zen Buddhism, and Yoga, which she practices until today. Later on she dedicated herself to study and research the life and work of Jiddu Krishnamurti, and to esoteric astrology. She studied tarot, I Ching, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, Shiatsu, as well as martial arts, holotropic therapy and the Cabala. She deepened her studies to include alchemy psychology, Temple archeology, the Silva Mind Control Method, and cosmogenesis. She studied anthropogenesis, rays of light, arithmosophy, dowsing, applied kinesiology, Chinese medicine, and Feng Shui, besides delving into quantum physics.[3]

Anaya completed the 3-year Creating Holistic Foundations program at the Holistic University at Unipaz in Brasília.

To enrich her experiences, Anaya made several pilgrimages to be with sages in her country and abroad. She has sat at the feet of the medium Chico Xavier, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Edelarziu, Thomas Green Northon, professor Jobenil, Efigênia, medium Valentim, Amir Amiden, Trigueirinho, among other spiritual leaders. Anaya also visited historical temples to add depth to her spiritualist experiences.

As a Reiki master, Anaya has trained many therapists over the years, besides having years of experience seeing private clients.

Anaya acted as a consultant in harmonizing residential, business, and personal environments giving emphasis to the millennial art of Feng Shui. She has taught personal training in anti stress workshops and lectures.

Anaya has performed distance healing with her hands, metals, and crystals. She has participated in philosophical groups of thought, done speeches and offered collective therapy. She has developed studies regarding self-knowledge and broadening consciousness. Anaya loves the outdoors, meditating, and discovering the universe.



 AONKI, Gateway of Love(cd)
 Loving you (single)
 Sounds from the Circle X. compilation of newage circle artists with song "Breath"
 6 Videos: Laman song,Breath, Gate, Because of you, Extase II, A Path to the Infinite 


 Sounds from the Circle IX compilation  of newage music circle artists.

. 2016

  Eternity (cd)
  Full álbum in video
  7 Videos of each song in this album

. 2015

  Fifth Essence (cd)
 12 videos of this Cd
  : Sounds from the Circle VII and VIII of new age music circle artists
  • 2014
    Devotion (cd)
    Alethea (video)
    Grammy season 2014 (video)
    5th Dimension (video)
    Alethea (song book)
    Devotion (song book)
    Sounds from the Circle VI-compilation of new age music circle artists- participation with the song Tedeum (cd) and video
  • 2013
    Aligned in the Universe (cd)
    Skywalker in the universe (single)
    Skywalker in the universe (song book)
    Skywalker in the universe (video)
  • 2012
    Clips de Tedeum, Overspace movs II e III, e Love symphony
  • 2011
    Songbook III
    Cosmic Light (CD) and video
  • 2009
    Angeluz (CD) and video
  • 2007
    Anaya Music CD (Laman Theme) and video
    Self Music CD (13 complete movements) and video
    Space Songs Collection CD
  • 2005
    Requiem CD
    Overpop CD (remastered)
  • 2004
    Unplugged CD, USA (produced with Plilippe Seabra's participation, from Plebe Rude)
    Skies CD, USA
  • 2003
    Relax II CD, Brazil/USA
    Collection 2003 CD, Brazil/USA
    Anaya CD, Brazil
    Song Book 2003, including CD, Brazil – Musimed School of Music
  • 2002
    Pop Symphony, USA
    Relax CD, Brazil
    Lights CD, USA
    Prayer CD, USA


"Affection" – Poetry book published in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil in the year of 1977. (Free Translation)

"My Shadow and Me" – Poetry book published in Brasília – Brazil, by the publisher Thesaurus, in the year of 1985. (Free Translation)

"Máyda" – Poetry book published in Brasília, by the publisher Meio Tom, in the year of 1990. (Free Translation)

"Flying Beening" – Poetry book published in Brasília, by the publisher Thesaurus, sponsor ship from Book Store Thot, in the year of 1996. (Free Translation)

"Reiki; spiritual energy of the Universe" – Book about the Reiki therapeutic method, published in Brasília, by the publisher Thesaurus, sponsor ship from Book Store Thot, in the year of 1996. (Free Translation)

"Life Paths" – Philosophic Book, published in Brasília, by the publisher Thesaurus, sponsor ship from Book Store Thot, in the year of 1996. (Free Translation)


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  • Performance on the musical "Tears of the Lover at the Sepulchre of the Beloved" (Author: Claudio Monteverdi). (Free Translation)

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