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Anbinnagaram (Tamil: அன்பின் நகரம்) is a small village of Tuticorin district in Sattankulam Taluk, South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. established by Rev. C. T. E. Rhenius (The Apostle of Tirunelveli) Panchayet: Mudalur Population : 613 as per 2011 census. whole village people have been following Christianity. One small river named 'Karumeni aaru' passes through East side of this village.


During the 18th century, Christian missionaries in Tirunelveli region had witnessed persecution of converts coinciding with the Polygar Wars, by clubmen from the state of Ramanathapuram. To protect the new converts, Sundaranandam David, a disciple of Rev. C. F. Schwartz, established a Christian satellite village - called Mudhalur, meaning First Village - near Sathankulam, which served as a refuge for local Christians. Following the Mudalur pattern, Rev. Charles Rhenius started several Christian satellite villages, including Neduvilai (later known as Megnanapuram), Idayankulam, Asirvathapuram, Nallur, Surandai, Nallammaalpuram (Idaichivilai), Anbinnagaram (அன்பின் நகரம்) and several small villages.