Anbirkku Alavillai

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Anbirkku Alavillai
Directed by Maryam Kassai & Anand S Babu
Produced by Jim Sanjay
Written by Jim Sanjay
Dan Henrich
Starring Johnny Lever
Sumeet Pathak
Neetu Chaudhury
Mansi Lal
Rama Thapa
Music by Joshua Hossana
Bernard David
Shepherd India Media Private Limited
Release date
  • 3 June 2011 (2011-06-03)
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget $190,000

Anbirkku Alavillai (Tamil: அன்பிற்கு அளவில்லை; English: No limit for love) is an Indian Tamil romantic drama film directed by Maryam Kassai and written by Jim Sanjay and Dan Henrich. It stars Bollywood comedian Johnny Lever, in his Tamil feature film debut, Sumeet Pathak, Neetu Chaudhury, Rama Thapa and Mansi Lal. The film revolves about problems in marriage and how they can be resolved, with the producers claiming it to be an "initiative to promote marriage counseling."[1] It was released on 3 June 2011.[2]


Johnny Bhai (Johnny Lever) is an amusing older married man with a heart of gold. Vijay (Sumeet Pathak) is a young man who is in love with Sneha (Neetu P Chaudhury). Vijay and Sneha get married against the advice of both Dr Sheetal(a qualified family therapist) and Johnny Bhai and immediately begin to realize that the person they thought was perfect had flaws! Conflicts start invading their daily life. Vijay goes to Johnny Bhai but doesn’t like his advice. What Vijay wants is sympathy and comfort he gets sage advice from this experienced married man. Sneha seeks counsel with Dr Sheetal who advises her that problems of this type are to be expected. After all, Vijay does not beat her or go out with other women - he simply ignores her and argues! Sneha should do one good thing for her husband each day for a week without expecting anything back. Sneha takes her advice and starts a one-week experiment. She asks Vijay to call his parents for dinner and she will cook for them. Vijay is surprised and happy with this offer. Of course, the dinner with Vijay’s parents is a disaster but the experience brings the young couple closer together.

This love story takes an interesting turn when Vijay’s wealthy and beautiful boss, Jyothi (Mansi Lal) tries to seduce him. What happens next is something that will take Vijay to a point of no return…



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